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  1. 23 minutes ago, TheCountOfNowhere said:

    HPC in numbers

    • Over 8 thousand user posts per year - That's just about how Tr*ump is the real president
    • 1.2 hundred page views per year
    • 2 visits per month - From Prevent
    • 1 unique visitors per month - But they are on 75% of the troll accounts
    • 15 hours average dwell time
    • 80% of users in full-time or part-time employment at estate agencies
    • 78% of users are aged between 18-19
    • 91% of users are children

    82% of users are raging gammon, 35% are woke libtards, and the remainder say WeDoNtNeEdExPErTsToHeLpUsCoUnT

    ToryFanBoyz are curently offline....



  2. 9 minutes ago, rollover said:

    This partigate is getting too big and too damaging for Tories now.

    I would guess, Tories are quietly deciding on new leader and the time after Boris.

    The question is can they make a planned change around Summer (Covid sorted, out on a high, new blood etc) or will they be forced to push him now (moral authority, public perception that ALL tories are sc*m, donors back out etc)

  3. The game is up for Boris Johnson

    You know it's bad when the Editorial of the FT is against you...some choice quotes (highlighting my own):


    "... It strains the credulity of the most diehard Tory voter for Johnson to claim he believed the event was a “work gathering”.... This was not, however, a meeting relocated outdoors, but an event to which 100 people were invited. Two-thirds did not attend — some apparently able to discern what the prime minister could not.... The prime minister was afterwards reported to be in denial, telling MPs that “sometimes you get the blame for something you don’t deserve”.


  4. How refreshing to have a post on actual house prices :)

    Demand is artificially increased - It's still too cheap to get a mortgage. All the props are there in the background. IR raises are pitifully slow and now take years to make an impact due to the number of Fixed rate deals.  Insane multiples are back and MMR is fading away.


    Supply is artificially reduced - Hybrid working isn't helping, but then so isn't mortgage forbearance.  Repossessions officially  start March (IIRC), but that comes with huge time line and the courts are jammed up. MadGainz give a buffer to revaluations.  Probates can sit empty as relatives want top dollar.


    Unless you are blindly signing up to x7 salary, selling your kidney for a deposit, and giving up your wife to the EA, you'll be seen as a timewaster



  5. 12 minutes ago, Staffsknot said:

    Simple - if you hitch yourself to the wrong wagon you are stuck with it for the whole trip - bailing out is possible at the start, but we long since went past the point of no return. Bailing out now leaves them nowhere, staying put they may be rewarded / brazen it out.

    Take some threads on here - people say something, get handed evidence to contrary, run away, after 3 pages start repeating same thing again hoping everyone forgot or else just bulldoze through.

    At the risk of raising Godwins law, the Allies put huge efforts in den*zification of the German population.  Are we saying we need the utter destruction of Big C Conservatives and thier 're-education'?

  6. 2 hours ago, Staffsknot said:

    There is actual evidence that continual praise and being able to 'get away with it' alters the brain chemistry. It leads to people thinking they really are better / smarter. Americans call it inhaling your own farts.

    It was observed in primates and can bring self-confidence. But it can also lead to laxness - as per the lazy criminal who thinks never get caught

    What I can't see is how the sycophants keep supporting them, even at their own detriment. 

    Is it the continual distraction of 'others' aka LoOk At ThOSe ScRoUnGeRs OvEr ThErE...?

    Is it continual propaganda and lies beating you into submission like a gaslit spouse?

    Is it plain bitterness or st*pidty?


  7. 4 minutes ago, miguel said:

    Lol !! They are starting to flee, first whisky head Frosty, now JVT. There will be more. KZB, the Slug and a few others will be fighting it out in the streets of Berlin whilst the clown is in his bunker with Carrie and the dog. 

    it's all a bit sad really. 

    I'll give them credit for their belief.

    I'll also give them credit they won't veer into the next batsh*tcrazy conspiracy or flounce off into another set of accounts.


  8. 14 hours ago, Bluestone59 said:

    When I posted that I knew you'd be first up. I have, rather had, a lot more time for the Labour party than you'd ever expect. 

    They put up a great performance in 2017 but their last effort was confused and incoherent so I abandoned ship.

    The last thing I want is any more Blairism. My info is that he'll turn out to be a Blair clone - but with any hint of persona removed - this was my interpretation of the build up I got from local supporters just before Starmer's coronation as leader.

    Starmer is head of a Labour party that literally hates the working class, just like the US Democrats.  

    A seat becomes vacant and it's out with the lower orders and in with the likes of university lecturers, civil servants, lawyers and any other champagne socialists kicking about  

    Not to say these folk are inherently bad but this is ethnic cleansing.

    As far as lying goes, politicians rarely do anything else. 

    Johnson is one of the worst we've had, I just detest the alternatives more, Conservative ones included.

    I voted Corbyn in 2017 and have an almost lifelong loathing for the Conservatives.


    You shown you don't like Starmer, you've done nothing to show how his 'BlairLite' credientials make him worse than the shambles of BoJo.


    So I ask again, care to elaborate how Starmer is worse than a serial liar caught red handed time and time again?

  9. 9 hours ago, longgone said:

    The shine has gone off his jack the lad act no longer works.

    She's direct but not intimidating, the girl needs to go for the jugular when opportunity arises, she could go for the mace to wallop him.🤣

    It is hard to be intimidating against Tory posh boys who've been taught they are better than everyone else by dint of whose orifice they emerged from birth :)  

    She is scoring the points and, more importantly, undermining the little authority BoJo and the Tories have.  Everyone is now gunning for the Tories and you can see they're on the defensive from every front..

    Downing Street Christmas Party: Rees-Mogg scrutinised over laughing video

  10. 19 minutes ago, longgone said:

    Preferable society would need someone sat between the two. Rayner got lucky from what i have seen of her, she is not intimidating at all, and judging by not using bj's poor retort to her advantage she is not that sharp, she is however emotionally invested not much else. 


    ..and yet BoJo is no where to be seen. He had to be dragged into PMQ

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