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  1. nothing helpful to say except WTF!!!!!!! Why the hell is he around if he doesn't live there ? Checking your rubbish??? The guy is a complete nutjob, he can't enter without giving you notice, he is completly out of order. anyway... Is your contract for the ROOM or sharing the building ?
  2. Glad you asked in such a charming way It's pay. Only needed in large organisations, create pay structures that govern how people are paid and for what, support managers giving them flexible ways to retain high performing staff while incentivising the crap to leave, create benefits that reduce the individuals tax bill and save NI for the company, increasing its profitability, protecting companies against being sued for equal pay claims (whatever you think of them, they happen) and pay modelling changes in pay, forecasting pay bill changes through analysis. Good fun More prevalent in private sector than public, not needed in small organisations (you know what you want to pay people), really interesting when you get into global reward, so setting competitive pay in various countries whilst keeping an overarching strategy. It's very capitalist, which I like. Supply and demand for people.
  3. +1 Work in Uni myself, HR, plenty of private sector people, and plenty of those that leave move to private sector. Same thing, interviews with private companies, and same thing, my area, Reward, very much exists within the private sector. And is one of the few areas of HR that can make cost savings to the paybill without firing people! As a reward specialist the private sector is ahead in some areas, behind in others.
  4. Pension: only if it is a post 92 University, otherwise she will be part of USS, and therefore in a FUNDED pension shceme, nothing to do with you what so ever, so get over it. Also will be working 40+ hours per week, so not on that much. Also generating income (through research which is part of a lecturers role in pre 92 Universities) which is so beloved of this forum so get your facts right Of course if it is post 92 University she will be mostly teaching and on a tax payers funded pension scheme, and therefore I will be the one talking out my ass Source: I am a Reward Adviser in a Russell Group University. Contributing to a funded pension. Working in a job I know makes more money in the private sector.
  5. My little flat has storage heater, electric, bloody awesome. I am in t-shirts in the coldest weather, total electric bill around 50 a month, which is fine (all heating, general, tumbledryer going etc). That's 3% of my take home. Thats 12.50 a week for a hot place to live. Why? cos it's a small flat, so doesn't cost a bomb to heat! Agree with the downsizing, if you rattle around in a big place, of course it will be cold if you haven't got so much money!
  6. Am I a recklass borrower then ? Bought in 06, near the top, 1 bed flat 83k on a 95% LTV, borrowed 18k from my parents to fund the deposit. and clear other debts. Damn I must be. Of course 8% interest rates would cost me another £315 per month. Wow, is that it ? I thought armegddon was on it's way! Resigned to not selling my flat for years yet until I have paid it down to what it's worth, but in my calculations, even though this would be uncomfortable, it wouldn't make me have to sell. Why should I be punished ?? Not sure I understand.
  7. no, but the Uni is going through a staff cutting exercise (volunetary so far....). also cubit and west has gone from bitterne (I used them to buy my flat!) my position: bought a flat in southampton in 2006 (wonderful timing)....£83,000. No idea what it is now worth market wise (done about £5k work to it). What I believe it to be truely worth is around £60k. So I am going to have to keep hold of it for years to come yet!
  8. We get graduate applications, with other applications from people with experience (and not neccesarily years and years). The experienced ones get the jobs. What drives me up the wall is that graduate applicants can't even fill in an application properly (you know, look at the person spec. and answer each one in turn why you have the skills), and I can probably guess from their degree they have written down they could do the role, but if somone puts the examples in, I will short list them, not the graduate who just expects the degree to do the talking. Anyway, a days lesson in applying for jobs would do graduates the world of good. I want to give them a chance, but they do not give themselves a chance. To be fair, these are not graduate jobs (not degrees as essential) but plenty of graduates apply to them!
  9. stepfathers a teacher, going from his experience (which is all I have to go on as I am not a teacher) this sounds quite iffy. The school would have to have had a catestrophic collapse in teaching staff for a newbie to gain promotion so fast, and be in a hellhole area that no other teacher with much more direct experience wants to move into. Or they good be genuienly amazing, and willing to take a job no one else wants to do in an area no one wants to work in with kids no one wants to teach. In which case fair play, they deserve that wage. It is what the private sector would do. What it is not is a symptom of public sector wage rises across the board, it's just a very odd individual scenario.
  10. oh my god I love these threads! There are one hell of a lot of private sector employs not worth 150k + either. Calling public sector workers parasites (not yourself), scum, etc, is so laughable! Sell McDonalds to fat kids on low income wages paid by factory owners that want to pay as humanly little as possible to produce crap pieces of plastic that fall apart and no one needs is OF COURSE truly better than parasite public sector employs establishing art and cultural centres in inner city areas trying to bring some kind of recognition that life is not an unending shit stream of corporate marketing and mindless obedience to puerile Disney churned out pop pollution. Of course public sector workers sometimes are not needed and should be cut. But my god your private sector is wonderful mindset is truly creepy. Rationalise and streamline ALL of society. Get out of your ghettoes. Rant over. Love to all.
  11. to be fair, not everyone will get an increment. At my work around 30-40% of staff are at the top of their scale, so receive nothing if there is no cost of living. However, guess which pay bands that is concentrated at, and which ones tend to have more room to continue to increment.......
  12. 5 years is probably the maximum an employer could get away with in a claim, if they can justify why it is in place. Anymore may be found to be discriminatory. The poster about market level pay is right, top of the scale should equate to full compentancy in the role. But it doens't really work like that in practice. External candidates (in this area to be honest usually from private sector) come in higher than the bottom point, whereas internal promotion start at the bottom. And both can be as compentent or incompetent as each other! Another reasons for abolishing all time related service increments and deal in base salary plus non-consolidated performance element, with the base pay getting cost of living when appropriate. you know, like the rest of the world edit: employer not employee
  13. increments now, but I would not be surprised to see pay restructuring going on to move to performance related pay for any rises. I know the area I am in will head that way eventually (I should know, I work in compensations and benefits....) i hate annual incremental rise as a service pay mechanism, even though I get them. Don't perform ? Who cares, heres another point on the scale anyway... Most scales can't be that long nowadays anyway, due to age discrimination. 10 years in the job is not an excuse to pay a lot more.
  14. You have answered your own question here, as so often crops up in the public sector threads, people say they do not have a choice to pay for their wages. But in the BBC you have such an incrediablly clear cut way to do so. Don't have a tv. No license fee. No concern for what they are paid. I think the footballers salaries are obscene. But I am not stupid enough to buy a ticket or a shirt to support them. So actually, let them earnt what they want, if muppets keep paying to watch them run about in their shorts!
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