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  1. The BNP is not a mainstream party, if you are going by voting figures.
  2. If someone retires at 50 on a pension of 25k if they live until they are 90 that's £1 million quid. What's to stop insurance companies hiring contract killers to bump pensioners off and save millions in the process? there's no fecking way I'm relying on a pension, for precisely that reason! I just thought... HAROLD SHIPMAN!!! maybe he worked for Norwich Union!!!
  3. Gordon Brown's real name is James Brown I also learned from Wiki that he is blind in one eye, and has a PhD His father was a Minister for the Church of Scotland, and his mother was a jackal. He also wants a "New World Order" (Novos Ordo Seculorum) google it if you dunnae believe it...
  4. 25k is, what 8k in tax per year? primary school education is fecking expensive where you live mate
  5. We don't have a real party to choose from though. On the right are immoral capitalists On the left are the anti-Christian communists But then you have the upper class who control the leadership of both and are bringing in the New World Order by using both these parties as vehicles No proportional representation means no democracy. I voted Green at the last election. They got 1% of the votes. doesn't sound much does it? But with 656 MPs 1% would be 6 mPs under proportional representation. We do not have a democracy in this country, it is a dictatorship but it's clever because people will not cause a revolution if they think they have some say in politics (the one vote every 4 years) Most people vote, and then forget about trying to make a political contribution. Others join a party and then get shafted by the leaders, or become a leader and succumb to the bribes themselves. That's my understanding of it anyway
  6. I thought all the food comes from Tesco. Seems to, each day it keeps re-appearing. You don't mean it's actually grown in the ground... Jesus whatever next... what a conspiracy theory!
  7. Didn't Financial Planner predict a crash in 2002? What use is that... the crash happened in 2007. five years is a big error, so much so in fact as to completely discredit him. Hence the nickname Financial Spanner I better shut up now, otherwise he might spit in my face
  8. I think the bigger the population the better voting rights you have in Europe.
  9. Just because people claim to be a Christian doesn't mean they are. George Bush for example, about as Christian as a pint of lager.
  10. Jesus means "Saviour", and yes we do need a saviour... that's how bad a condition we are in. But it's to be expected, how can non-religious leaders take us anywhere but into hell?
  11. I'm All right Jack, so sod everyone else, is that right? Those dumb sonaofabitches deserve all they get for not living on beans and toast for a decade and working 80 hour weeks in coalmines!! I'm a captilaist and got lucky so now I'm a fecking genius and expert social commentator to boot
  12. Unfortunately the lid dems support abortion (murder of children), so "integrity"... hmm I don't think so The country need another third party, something like a Christian Democratic English Workers Party
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