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  1. All of them surely? The former council homes that were sold off are now private residences, not council homes.
  2. Who says you can't use the "G" word? There's a whole sub-forum devoted to it, it even has Gold in the title! How rediculous [sic] that you haven't spotted it yet.
  3. Isn't that what you were saying when you advised people to borrow on their credit cards to buy gold, and the price promptly plummeted.
  4. You must have a very understanding boss. You were on here until 1:30 last night at least, and here you are, during office hours, with not much else to do but post on here (this is my first post of the day before you ask). Slow day?
  5. 1966? After all, the past is supposed to be a foreign country.
  6. Squatting was very popular in the 1970s wasn't it? Any reason why or was it just some quirk in the law at that time?
  7. Wasn't it "too late" about 3 or 4 years ago?
  8. Are bonuses no longer "extras" but expected, regardless of performance. Reminds me of George Carlin's last HBO concert, and the "you're the last winner" bit (instead of "you lost, you're a loser"). No executive left behind in Broon's Britain.
  9. Sorry but I'm unlikely to believe an EA when they say something like that.
  10. 17%? Really? OK, so Brighton bubbled pretty strongly but £180,000 for a 1-bed flat looks pretty stupid today.
  11. Splitting it up is a good idea. If you do nothing else, I'd advise doing that. At least 3 different accounts, preferably with different groups, i.e. not in banks that are part of the same group.
  12. It's when they tried to make banking sexy and exciting that it all went wrong. Some things are meant to be dull, like Songs of Praise or the Shipping Forecast. Is that the "quality easing" I've been hearing so much about lately?
  13. Good find. The enormity of the crisis is oh so slowly becoming apparent to the average Joe.
  14. So you want everything not directly related to housing moved off the the main board, which is called "The main discussion board on house prices". In which case, why post this thread here rather than "About Housepricecrash"? Why not visit the off-topic forum? Unless you have severe RSI it's not hard to reach. That's your problem isn't it? Amen. Could it have been something to do with your extremely objectionable, crude and insulting style of posting? No, of course not, it was just wicked mods acting nastily for no reason at all.
  15. How many of yours have you sold so far? To draw a parallel with house prices (yes, OT for you Narco since you never post anything on the subject) but isn't this just a little bit like those people who "made" XXX pounds on their houses over the past 10 years, but since they never sold, they never banked the cash, and are now seeing their "profits" dwindle away month by month.
  16. Yes, these wretched poor people should know their place. I took young Tarquin and Jocasta to Lapland last year and it was swarming with the most rum sorts imaginable. Ghastly common people, most wearing the previous seasons ski attire, no doubt picked up from some cheap warehouse store. Poor Jocasta had to sit next to some smelly council estate oik at one point, I'm sure it's given her a complex. Let them eat cake go to Lidl.
  17. I believe there are contructs that run OS X, but apart from the iPhone, none of them are worth the money. Windows XP would look good on an iMac though, the "Tellytubby" GUI would complete the Fisher Price "My First Computer" look that Apple have striven for. Exactly. Unless pedagog meant that OS X has more restrictive system requirements than Windows XP. Of course, you can run OS X on a PC. But frankly, why bother? If viruses and spyware worry you (and you're too dense to work out how to protect yourself against them) Ubuntu is not only cheaper that OS X it's faster and more versitile. Can OS X do ?Or ?(I know how superficial eye candy impresses the average Mac user.)semi).
  18. Why not just..... not post? Or is that too complicated for you? This is the best you'll get.
  19. The end justifies the means. They were only following orders. The innocent have nothing to fear. Terrorism is the best political weapon for nothing drives people harder than a fear of sudden death. (Adoph Hitler)
  20. Not invited? Probably just as well, alcohol isn't good for people with psychological problems. You'd have probably picked a fight with weasel's bird, that's about your level. You wouldn't want another helping of porridge now would you?
  21. He didn't say what the huge deposit was actually of. For my money it's a big steaming pile of ********.
  22. I think I'd rather have had Ken Clarke in charge since 1997 than "Prudence" Brown. So you're expecting Brown to lose the next General Election then?
  23. So you were there in March 2003? Didn't you get bored staring at a blank screen waiting for the site to come online in November? Must have sent you crackers.
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