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  1. Yeah, but it's a guaranteed road to riches, even in a recession/depression. Don't think, don't delay, JUST DO IT!!!!!!!
  2. Bubb's misogyny is familiar to anyone who has read his posts over the years.
  3. I'm detecting a distinct lack of sympathy here.
  4. Is he? How did he manage to post in this very thread then?
  5. Why? He was such a cocky, loud-mouthed know-it-all on here. Dishing out advice, dissing other posters who pointed out his errors. Surely he can't have got it wrong? Was he clutching a bottle of scotch wrapped in a brown bag, saying "You're my best mate you are. F***ing HPC barshtads!!!"
  6. Some of the troll-bulls on here still think like this. Or claim to anyway.
  7. There's confusion aplenty it seems. There's quite a bit of difference between a government backed bank and a central bank. Injin, the great knower of all things, should realise that and change the thread title immediately.
  8. Positive discrimination is just another example of the "do as I say, not as I do" hypocrisy that Harriet Harman epitomizes. "It's all right for me to discriminate because I'm right, but it's bad if you do it, because you're wrong." Heaven help us.
  9. Thank you for that insightful post. There are times when I feel the general standard of reasoned debate is sliding on here, but single-handedly you've restored my faith. Kudos!
  10. Is it too much to expect that any of your many threads flung scattershot at the main forum could be made a little more transparent? A cut'n'paste ink and a one-line bit of crypticism. Lazyness like that is almost insulting.
  11. Watch those who so loudly decry the "sheeple" fall over themselves to reply to this obvious troll.
  12. Be sure to wake me up if that ever gets passed. You do realise that it's just bill no. 0453 of the 2009 session? There's one in there on "Golf carts in state parks and on local roads". Another on "Group setting hypnosis by hypnotists". Still not a public opinion poll.
  13. Americans? Well if Judy Shelton is an American, that's 1 who's in favour of a gold standard. There may be many more, but judging by vox pop interviews on Youtube and I.O.U.S.A., most Americans don't even know what a gold standard is. Judging by the title of the thread, I was expecting to see the results of an opinion poll. Maybe you should change the thread title to "American Wants a Return to a Gold Standard"? It would be more accurate.
  14. No VI there. Those gains must be massive fred, MASSIVE!!!
  15. Have any of you ever wondered how Injin has managed to accrue nearly 13,000 posts (an average of almost 25 per day)? It's because he gets involved with protracted "debates" with other posters who somehow think that he will acknowledge logic, facts or even reality itself. Take my advice: He won't. You're just wasting your time. Put him on ignore and get on with your lives.
  16. According to the humourless goldbug crew on here, gold does well in everything, inflation, deflation, stagflation, biflation, fine weather, snow, winter, summer, spring or fall. Buy now. Buy. Buy. Are you buying gold yet? BUY!!!
  17. Well duh Brainiac! Perhaps you'd like me to say something about your spouse, or children? Or parents? After all, it's only the internet. Considering that FP was a mod at the time, his behavior was disgraceful, not to mention breaking the forum rules he was supposed to be upholding.
  18. Try harder next time. Not by me he's not. You think so? For any fighting, "in" or otherwise, don't you need two sides? So far this is just JD's pathetic attempt to try and stir something up. Neither, it's just JD being a sh1t stirrer (as opposed to a sh1t). +1 I have no doubt of that, given how similarly offensive much of your posting style is.
  19. There is a dedicated gold forum you know. There must be 2 reasons why goldbugs try to post in the main forum (I've rather charitably already discounted stupidity). 1. They are ramping so need the larger audience for their ramping activities. 2. See point 1.
  20. I wonder. Yes, I wonder...... Would you perhaps be weasel aka. ferret, aka. Charlie the Tramp by any chance?
  21. It's a conspiracy to annoy goldbugs by making their holdings worth less.
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