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  1. What relevance DOES it have to economics though? Not wealth preservation, not investment, but economics. We're not on a gold standard, nor are we likely to be. So how does gold actually affect the economy as it stands today? Answer: It doesn't.
  2. Sorry mrfooty, you were just a bit too quick there. You posted just before TheBoltonFury could report that he went to school with her. Unless you went to school with TheBoltonFury?
  3. A bit like Ant & Dec. They're on £20 million a year, which is why you hardly see them on the box these days. Jonathan Ross is another one, he's so rich, he stopped doing telly years ago. Link Let's not forget that Ant & Dec, Wossy and Sir Swearsalot are all UNDER CONTRACT. They don't make TV cos it's a larf, it's a job.
  4. Tens of thousands of years? So Homo neanderthalensis was a goldbug too? Hyperbole does not aid your case.
  5. I hope Gordon's finances are based on more than that somewhat forlorn hope. He's done a shedload of Telly, books etc. He should be loaded. Ahhh, you're just JEALOUS Bubbsie. Isn't that your standard response when someone has a pop at you? I like Ramsey. He believes in high standards, hard work and has zero tolerance for the kind of half-assed indifference that passes for customer service in the UK.
  6. According to Jesus Hussein Christ, we shouldn't look to what caused the problems, but rather to solutions. How convenient.
  7. A true consensus is impossible. Even a public show of unity may be doubtful.
  8. You've started a dozen threads on this basic theme, and received many replies. Time to MAKE UP YOUR MIND. We can't do your thinking for you.
  9. That's why he's got that horrible ginger hairdo. Trollish is as trollish does.
  10. If you didn't get the "right" answer in the dozen or so other threads you've started on the same topic, what are the chances of it happening now?
  11. Come on Steve, can't you see the irony of the above? The Apprentice is a bit of entertainment fluff, not a behind the scenes documentary. This clearly isn't how Sugar recruits normally, how could it be? It isn't even originally "his" show, it's based on the Ameican version initially featuring Donald Trump. Sugar gets a decent fee out of it, the winner gets a job that may or may not amount to something and the BBC get a fairly popular show for their trouble. But it's just 100% entertainment, no more real or meaningfu than Big Brother or a BBC telephone phone vote.
  12. That's nothing. Doubtless BoltonFury will be along soon to tell us that he went to school with him, or sold him his first business or something....
  13. There's always "just one more question" isn't there?
  14. What Sibley REALLY thinks of you lot, before he adopted the softly-softly, catchy monkey approach. Linky
  15. Why do people persist in confusing a private forum with some sort of branch of government, Are they very stupid, or merely deluded? If you want an unmoderated free-for-all with BNP'ers, tin-foil hatters and Sibley's doing what they like, 24/7, start your own forum. I've had my stuff moderated, I've had posts vanish. Know what? I accepted it.
  16. Please bear in mind that FUBRA is based in the UK and subject to UK law. Of course, if you're prepared to stump up for their legal fees in case they get sued, please do forward your bank details to the relevant parties. It would be ever so sweet of you. Or why not set up your own site and host the files there. Of course, that might then expose YOU to legal action. Hope you've got a good lawyer. I suspect that you won't do any of this though. You're just another QWERTY "warrior", all gas and bluster and ever so big and brave behind your keyboard.
  17. How convenient too, that we can listen to it on BBC radio.
  18. Just the mere mention of the word "marriage" is like a Pavlovian trigger for some. All we need to cap it off is DrBubb to come along with his misogynistic rantings and the tread will be complete. Of course, by saying this, I am revealing how jealous I am of Bubb. I mean, who wouldn't be jealous of a middle-aged, socially inadequate singleton.
  19. He was either a very good actor or putting rather too much faith in the powers that be to sort things out.
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