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  1. If they were going to get hit for the same amount of Council Tax regardless, wouldn't most stay where they are, particularly those already in smaller dwellings who have nowhere smaller to downsize to?
  2. It's nonsense like this that drags the standard of debate on here so low.
  3. Been away from a few hours and yet I see Hamish is still here. I don't know what it's like up in Jockland but it's quite sunny where I am. Perhaps you should try going out M8, or perhaps you can't leave the EA branch unattended?
  4. So you're a Neither then Hamish? You wouldn't say that you were a bull at all?
  5. the value remains the same though, at least to me, depends on your criteria.... Amazing how, when Sterling is falling in value, it's put down to the value of gold rising, but this never seems to apply the other way around.
  6. I'm assuming that's a guess on your part.
  7. With sentiments like that, I take it this is your farewell thread? Ta-ta.
  8. "Have gone up"? Do you perchance know the difference between past, present and future tense? In your OP you wrote That sounds very much like a prediction of future buoyancy in the property market to me, very different to what you claim to be saying in post #89. We had a poster before who made Casual Observations. His misguided advice to his son led him to take on massive housing debt and a life of debt slavery. Some father.
  9. Wow, stunning comeback. A bored estate agent such as this obviously is, probably thinks there's more impact from a bear saying these things than a bull. "Why, if even bears are saying that the market will pick up, maybe it must be true". Given that this person has only been registered since February and only posts bullish stuff, what other conclusion can be drawn?
  10. Has there ever been a thread consisting of so much "ado" about the plainly obvious. If this thread were a sausage it would be filled with fat, sawdust, ground up pigs testicles and 10% "mystery meat". Nothing nutritious at all.
  11. It's more a case of someone pretending to be one thing, yet saying something entirely different. Would you expect a self-declared bull to start talking down house prices. I think some of them are simply bored EAs. At least Sibley et al. openly declare themselves as bulls.
  12. Do you believe those facts? If so, why are you a bear? Do you even know what these terms mean? Somehow you're a "bear" who's bullish on the housing market. Does that even make sense? Perhaps you selected "Bear" because the more apt label, "Troll", wasn't available?
  13. Aren't the most efficient solar panels made out of plastic rather than silicon? Hmmmmm.... I wonder what you need to make plastic? The people of this town are still going to need to eat, so they'll still be dependent on artificial fertilizers made from ... (go on, you guess). They'd better hurry up and build some electric powered combine harvesters as well. Look around your home now and see how much there is in it that is made of plastic. Perhaps the people in that town can build their cars out of metal and wood, like in the old days.
  14. There's a lot of bleating about "responsibility" yet when it came to the crunch, Sharon Shoesmith was desperate to avoid any kind of responsibility. If it was someone else's fault Sharon, I do hope you passed on your very large salary (backdated) to whoever it was.
  15. A bit like Babara Wodehouse playing "fetch" with a retarded dog that's also experienced cranial trauma and is dyslexic (or doglexic). Some of the posters on here run for the sticks thrown out by these trolls EVERY TIME in an equally brain-dead way. Of course, they will never see it like that. They are so superior to the so-called sheeple" you see, and aren't just blindly doing the bidding of a master string-puller.
  16. But.... we DO end up with Baby P. scenarios. Baby P. is simply the most recent and most well-publicised of a long, long string of social services SNAFU's. Just as many people have recently become "conditioned" to see house prices of £200k as normal, for houses that were less than half that a few years previously, so these salaries have become, by constant drip-drip osmosis, come to be seen as justifiable, rather than massively out of kilter with what everybody else earns. The current annual salary for an M.P. is £64766, half that what these local government jobs command. I wouldn't bother applying for these jobs either. Rampant cronyism will scupper your chances.
  17. Not quite. fi·at (fē'ət, -āt', -ät', fī'āt', -ət) 1. An arbitrary order or decree. 2. Authorization or sanction: government fiat. [Medieval Latin, from Latin, let it be done, third person sing. present subjunctive of fierī, to become, to be done; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.] Link
  18. I'm with HSBC so I hope they are doing well, for purely selfish reasons.
  19. Pertinent bits highlighted for the hard of thinking.
  20. The thread in question was about the man being attacked by the police. The man being attacked by the police. See that? Nothing to do with the economy. The man being attacked by the police. Quite worthy of discussion in off-topic. Quite why there's this obsession with one particular part of this site over all others is beyond me. Perhaps it's driven by feeble minded fools with no attention span beyond the first page of the main board, I don't know.
  21. There is no need for it to be moved, it's relevant to the main board. Rubbish. Utter rubbish.
  22. Of course they are linked. Had MPs not been able to claim expenses, there would have been no house price boom. UK MPs expenses are also responsible for the booms in the US, Ireland, Spain, Hong Kong.... You lot really need to get some kind of a grip on reality once in a while.
  23. No the thread is still here. *Look*, I'm posting in it... right.... now.... Jeez, the paranoid stupidity of some on this site trakes some beating.
  24. Does it ********!!! How many houses did Darling buy? Three. Wow, that's really going to affect the stats. NOT!!!! How much does he spend on expenses? Thousands. You'd have to go back a few hundred years before that kind of money had any effect on the economy.
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