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  1. Well expensive players for sure, but top class? Hmmmm...
  2. Every little helps. Oooops, wrong jingle. Oh he's just going to LOVE 2010.
  3. Two things happened between 1930 and 1935. Gold confiscation in the US followed by.... the value of the dollar in gold was changed from $20.67 to $35 by the US government, a figure it remain at (by US law) until 1971. It was a very different financial setup to now.
  4. Green energy. Is that a PC term for slavery? Surely that must be the next great energy source. All you need is one big bloke and a whip and hey presto, you've got a few pyramids. Or maybe Cecil B, DeMill made it look simpler than it actually was?
  5. Good lord, I hadn't realized. Still, I like the "Myth Busters - Busting Gordon Browns Myth" sub-forum.
  6. Sounds like a great place to live, where is it?
  7. I believe that if you buy more than £10,000 worth of gold in a single year, the place you're buying from is legally required to inform the government of this. Now does anyone know if this is a calendar year or does it start from the date of the first purchase? Say Joe Bloggs buys £2000 worth of gold in December 2009. Does his "year" run from December to December or does January 1st 2010 mark the start of a "new" year? (Well it does anyway, but you know what I mean.)
  8. If it's genuine hyperinflation (Weimar or Zimbabwe stylee) then there is only one option, pauperism.
  9. A variation on this happened to me. I ordered a book and it never arrived. The guys I ordered it from were all ready to ship another one out when the person the book had been delivered to got in touch with me. The post office had delivered to 17 ##### Road, not 171. Honesty prevailed in this case but you can see the possibilities..... Cheers m'dears. Must be similar to the plastic pockets those old commemorative 1977 Silver Jubilee/1981 Royal Wedding coins that I've got came in.
  10. Out of interest, are these rounds supplied in any kind of plastic coin case type whotsit? The one thing that puts me off physical silver is worrying about the stuff tarnishing. Do these rounds fit standard 1 oz coin cases? (if there is in fact such a standard size)
  11. Amazingly there are probably still people on here who are confused as to why you were trolled.
  12. Tell that to McSpammish. Odd how a supposedly "wealthy" "businessman" can seemingly find little better to do with his time than spend hour after hour posting on here. Time you were trolled old son.
  13. Anyone who wasn't in the UK at the time probably can't understand the effects of the "Falklands Factor". Rightly or wrongly it gripped the nation as few things have done since. The death of Diana *sort* of comes close. Yes there was a lot of jingoistic sentiment at play, but for a country that had been in steady and depressing decline for decades, the Falklands war was finally, something in which the UK didn't get its ass kicked (we even lost the Cod War to Iceland remember). Mrs. T., as the the PM in charge, received an enormous boost. Up to then she'd been pretty unpopular due to high unemployment, high inflation etc. A glut of rental properties on the market.
  14. Went to this site. I'll have to take your word that it's still active as there's very little indication of activity on there, it even makes the "other place" look busy. I'm not sure what the thread title "Has housepricecrash just harmed the cause?" actually has to do with the content of your post. How exactly has the cause been harmed?
  15. Now, after reading the above, is anyone still seriously thinking that Sibbers here should have his Troll status removed? I'm mean, seriously?
  16. [a] He's not a politician He controlled U.S. money supply as head of the Fed. So the answer would have to be "no".
  17. Or maybe they just forgot? Occam's razor and all that. I'd be careful with those assumptions. Something about "the Mother of all f***-ups" springs to mind.
  18. Too bad we won't get to see Hamish McSporran's missus crying in her state-of-the-art kitchen. But then again, the imagination is a wonderful thing. Don't like it Hamish? well, that's what you get for coming trolling on here.
  19. It's certainly the best place for a thread about Brown smashing a printer or one called "Gordon Brown, emotional retard". Yes, quality political debate at it's finest. What must people who come here for the first time think of such puerile bleatings.
  20. Yes, I'm sure you're often fighting off women twice as good looking with a shitty stick.
  21. What would be the point of having separate sections of the forum? This is still housepricecrash, not Potpourri.com or randomstreamofconsciousnessnonsense.org or tinfoilhatters-r-us.co.uk. Is the Off-topic forum like Kryptonite to some on here? Maybe I'll start a thread in Off-topic on how givemethegun is a feeble minded idiot. No worries about him seeing it as he hasn't the simple common sense to work out how to navigate to it. There's more to this site than page 1 of the housing forum.
  22. A shrewd move indeed. Much like that guy who sold Foxtons at the height of the housing market bubble. Both obviously realised that it wasn't "different this time".
  23. So Darling was at least trying to do the right thing for the country but was overruled by Broon whose priorities were maintaining NuLibour rule and his own position as PM.
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