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  1. Given the problems that New Orleans caused, what would a major quake do to both the local and US economies? (Rhetorical question.) Pure Chief Wiggum: Wiggum: Looks like you just bought yourself a lottery ticket. To jail! Eddie: He's unconscious, chief. Wiggum: Ah, they can still hear things. Round of applause.
  2. "The Event" sounds like an M. Night Shyamalan film.
  3. www.black-swan-event sounds cool. The trouble is, people were always complaining when stuff that was off topic was moved to off topic. Plus the number of housing related stories seems to have decined anyway. I preferred the older style housing discussion too, but nothing stays the same.
  4. Do these come in any kind of presentation case or other kind of storage case?
  5. We have more threads because the currencies are unraveling.
  6. Please ignore the above post, god knows what happened and I can't seem to edit it now. Here's how that post should have read. Would a SIPP have been the best option to avoid this (except that Durch said that she was a financial innocent, so maybe not).
  7. [quote name='moneyscam' date='08 January 2010 - 04:59 PM' timestamp='1262969941' post='23350This way, I have the choice unlike your unfortunate friend who is now locked in for life. Would a SIPP have been the best option to avoid this (except that Durch said that she was a financial innocent, so maybe not).
  8. The man's a flippin' jinx! Take away his passport and all will be well again.
  9. You could argue that the current multi-generational unemployment sub-class was born in the Thatcher era. That was the time when being long-tern unemployed began to be a way of life in certain parts of the country, although the difference was, people still wanted to work, now they don't.
  10. Rhetorical nonsense. How can you work hard to make a country something it (allegedly) already is? (Personally I disagree with the idea that the UK is a great country but, to be fair, Gordon has to say that for the benefit of the unthinking mass of delusional idiots who seem to have somehow [in a moment of madness] been given the vote. That's like giving a young child scissors and a pair of running shoes IMO.)
  11. Expect their former founder to buy the firm up again at bargain basement prices.
  12. Didn't David Attenborough go there in a TV show? I seem to remember him going to somewhere like Siberia, to an area where it got so cold that if you weren't wearing head protection, your brain would start to freeze.
  13. The US commercial real estate market is widely tipped to collapse this year (link).
  14. If there were some way to find out his private investments, he would make a great contrarian indicator.
  15. And never have done. Nothing's going to happen economically in the next three years, all plain sailing. Yeah, right.
  16. Or as George Carlin put it: "You know what they tell the kid who lost these days? 'You were the last winner.' A lot of kids never get to hear the truth about themselves until they're in their twenties, when their boss calls them in and says, Bobby, clean the shit out of your desk and get the ****** out of here, you're a loser."
  17. No going out without a thick vest. (Yes, I'm a vested interest.)
  18. That makes me mightily thankful that dear old Firefox remembers my password.
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