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  1. £12.50 is a decent price, might get a copy.
  2. Predicting a black Monday pretty much guarantees there won't be one. It's like some immutable law of the universe.
  3. Amazing how candid people can be when they're an ex-something or other. Many politicians seem almost rational once they've given up politics.
  4. Not the best example. The Daily Star never has anything worthwhile on its front page. You could easily rename it The Daily Jordan.
  5. I've got a question. It's more for the UK based people who've used Goldmoney. When you add funds to your account, it's done by wire transfer and money is taken from your nominated account. When you sell gold or silver, the money is paid to your nominated account by Goldmoney. Now what sort of transfer charges are involved? On the Goldmoney site regarding transfers TO your account it says: CHAPS & international transfers: £20; 3-day UK BACS transfers: Free Do you get to choose say BACS, or does that depend on your bank?
  6. That Guardian site really is dire. You have to jump through hoops to get into a position to post, then the quote/bold/italics don't work in either IE or Firefox and to cap it all, I get this message Sorry! Sorry, we experienced a problem uploading your comment. Please try again later. Back to the Article
  7. Just as becoming PM in the first place was his ultimate priority. What a sad shower of losers we have for politicians.
  8. Some very big "ifs" there. It would be nice to see, but if I were a betting man......
  9. It's the early 80s all over again. Not a good time to be joining the job market.
  10. From what I can remember reading on here, coins can be that bit easier to sell than ingots, especially the more generally available coins like sovereigns and Krugerrands. As for ingots, if you buy from a reputable dealer like Bairds, you won't have to worry about fraud. Their long-standing reputation matters more to them than any fraud could bring in.
  11. Mine definitely! Nice to see them putting the country first.
  12. Surely it's the kind of place all those "young executive couples" who are (or were) apparently gagging to rent 2 bedroom shoe boxes in a city centre tower block eventually aspire to when they either [a] have a family or come to their senses over the whole "Centro" living concept.
  13. Limited services. Or, as in the case of police, whether they are able to retire much too early.
  14. You could very well be right. Still if there's one thing I've learned about financial markets (actually, there is only one thing) it's never to underestimate how irrational they can be.
  15. Well it does at least give us an idea of the scale of the problem. Have you considered a career as a spin doctor? E.g. "Four million unemployed? Meaningless, all it does is tell us that there are lots of people without a job." Etc., etc.
  16. My maths isn't the best but isn't that essentially an 80% total fall?
  17. Maybe, but it's 100% guaranteed that the current crisis will flare up again, worse than before. It never ended you see. It's like when you see the hero or heroine wake up, thinking that all is well, to find out that they're still in the nightmare.
  18. Better at reading an autocue, looks smarter in a suit, has a better looking wife. Other than that, it's like Bill Hicks once said:
  19. The Apprentice proves that. A massive belief in your own abilities seems to count for more than actual skill. Or am I being unfair?
  20. I could be wrong but I don't think the Beckham's are overdrawn each month.
  21. The sun'll come out Tomorrow So ya gotta hang on 'Til tomorrow Come what may Tomorrow! Tomorrow! I love ya Tomorrow! You're always A day A way!
  22. I like Celente but in every one of his interviews he says the exact same thing, often word for word.
  23. Not with the brainwashing education they're getting today they couldn't.
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