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  1. Nice to know it's been officially certified.
  2. Physician heal thyself? I think you're pushing it a bit there Bertie, good job you're a bloke or he might punch you. Anyone who reads the Sun must be in need of psychiatric evaluation anyway, I'd be suicidal if I had to read it for too long.
  3. Also very volatile and dangerous to suggest that FP doesn't know what is happening.
  4. Should read "when management doesn't say a dicky-bird and sticks its head in the sand".
  5. While I think that NuLabia are pretty much doomed, with or without Broon at the helm, I can't help remembering the 80s when mid-term opinion polls would put Neil Kinnock and OldLab well ahead of Mrs. T. and the Tories. You'd get basic computer graphics on Newsnight showing the House of Commons filling up with little red figures and overall Labour majorities being calculated by Peter Snow. Now if anyone remembers the Neil Kinnock Downing Street years, could they possibly summarize them for me? My prediction is for a Labour defeat, but not on the scale shown by this poll.
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