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  1. How is it free speech. It's their newspaper/website after all. Unless the Guardian is enshrined in the constitution in some way.
  2. Please, please! Don't confuse the issue with your true facts.
  3. Oh dear, that's textbook straw clutching. Two similar houses yet apparently not similar enough it seems. Nothing at all to do with the fact that they undermine your argument is it? Unfortunately, Rightmove doesn't list houses from parallel dimensions, so we'll have to make do with what we've got. Ah, a master debater if ever I saw one.
  4. But they don't disappear. That is just misinformation on your part. They're still there in the gold forum. If not a lot of people go there, whose fault is that? That thread is still on the site.
  5. Not at all. If we owe the aliens money, we're safe. It's when we've paid them back that we need to start worrying.
  6. I would venture to say that many teen mums know full well about where babies come from and about contraception. It's just not in their interests to use that information at the moment. You can't blame them. Better for them to pump out a few pikey sprogs and claim everything that's going rather than work in a grotty minimum wage job. The fault is not theirs, it's the system that gives them these choices. And of course, all those pikey sprogs being raised by moronic chavscum results in this: Yobs allowed to run free as police 'retreat from streets'
  7. You must live on a much nicer street than me. Most of the people I know, if they think about gold at all, it's how to sell it to pay off some bill or other. General forums have questions about where's the best place locally to sell your gold. Most of the people I count as friends [a] never discuss gold and are so strapped for cash that they probably couldn't buy more than a few hundred pounds worth --- if that. If gold ever does enter a "mania" phase, the average person on the street --- my street at least --- is pretty much already priced out. You could say that about practically anything. Why is a car dealer trying to sell me this car if it's such a bargain. Why is a supermarket so keen to get rid of a product that they have a BOGOF. Why are these people selling this house if it's so desirable. Most of the time, people try to sell me things because that's how they make a living. It doesn't mean that buying it is automatically a mistake. What about the debt bubble?
  8. I've never been able to see any kind of formation in a football match, everyone just seems all over the place. Never understood the offside rule either.
  9. And the further away we get from May 6th, the shorter their memories will become. They'll pine for the "good old days". In the early 80s, even after the shambolic events of the Winter of Discontent, people were turning against the Conservatives and back to Labour. Harsh medicine again, after years of putting it off. And the British public didn't like it. They're like children really.
  10. Will you have that money once you stop working? If we haven't got the money for public sector pensions [to give 1 example] now, why will we somehow have it in the future? Especially as we're already running large deficits. An unfunded liability is something for which the government is going to have to pay out on, but for which there is ****-all money. Half a trillion of ****-all money in this case. Maybe it's a bit like an I/O mortgage. You can't pay the full price of a house now, so you hope that somehow, you'll be able to afford it in 25 years time.
  11. IO mortgages have fueled HPI. Without them, a lot of people either wouldn't be able to buy, or wouldn't have been able to pay the ridiculous prices they did pay. No more IO mortgages = HPD.
  12. Those budget cuts must have been going on for a long time then, my local roads have been poor for many years.
  13. Although entertaining, I feel compelled to point out that the entire original post is a cut 'n paste job that has already appeared verbatim in a number of other forums. Putting it in quotes would have been useful.
  14. Or use captialisation? Such as at the start of a sentence, proper nouns, that sort of thing? Punctuation (e.g. camel's back). 5/10. See me after class.
  15. Yes, constantly posting racist BNP loving anti-Muslim stuff on a housing/financial forum. Can't possibly see how you've fallen foul of the mods. Sorry Grimy but you're a one-trick pony, always trying to stir up racist sentiment. Have you got this site mixed up with the Stormfront forum
  16. Without wishing to downplay the seriousness of what happened. 2 miners, 1 car. 1 instance. Road not motorway(s), bridge not flyover(s). Link You make it sound like a 80s national craze.
  17. Well, obviously you cared enough to post a reply. You seem to be missing the fact that most of the naysayers are (or have) lived in London for many years. Insularity seems to be a common trend amongst the inhabitants of large cities.
  18. A 45% increase in 3 years! Are you in the inflationist camp then? Your original post stated this assumption as fact. Some might consider it VERY unreasonable to postulate a 45% salary increase in (less than) three years.
  19. How about T - ruly R - emarkable O - nly L - atterly L - aughable
  20. There's a free Prechter eBook thingy here that might be of interest to some. Link I used a fake http://www.guerrillamail.com/ email account as I don't like giving my email out if I can avoid it. The eBook goes up to April 2009 and is a collection of his writings on gold.
  21. I think it's marvelous that a busy man such as yourself, who pals around with so many multi-millionaires, should take time out of his busy day to let those of us in our humble little forum know exactly where we're going wrong in life. Brings a tear to the eye, so it does.
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