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  1. If they've got trillions of CDs, could they not convert them to MP3s and set up a rival to iTunes?
  2. According to Gordon Brown, "it's all everybody else's fault". That should narrow it down a bit.
  3. Did they get taken over? Or is it the U.S. Amtrak railway lot in trouble?
  4. Haven't many people's salaries been following this pattern already. I.e. increases pegged to CPI which is less than "real" inflation.
  5. Been through something similar myself (I turned out to be one of the lucky ones in the end) but it's a miserable, drawn out wait for all concerned.
  6. Krugerrands used to be the cheapest 1 oz gold coin, Pandas amongst the most expensive. Yet now Bairds are offering Pandas for £495 and Krugers for £500 (some delays). Why the turnaround?
  7. Oh he's still around, posting on The Other Place. And no, we didn't get through to him. He's still the same.
  8. Ask them to name one of his pre-Jabba avatars, that should sort them out.
  9. Not sure if this has been posted yet. Having lit the blue touch paper, I will now retire to a safe distance..... Link EDIT: Ooops, sorry, forgot the link.
  10. Queen Of British TV is pushing it IMO. Probably best to put it down to journalistic hyperbole.
  11. They are having it on GEI!! Having what? Sex? Drugs? Rock 'n roll? Maybe that place isn't quite so dry as dust as I thought.
  12. Of course he did, he eats from the same trough. Hit too close to home? Of course street lighting must take second place to diversity coordinators and Corporate Governance. Attracting the "right" candidates is obviously more important than actually providing the services the council is supposedly therre to provide.
  13. Price it correctly and you'll have no trouble. I'd suggest staying there if you're so happy with the area.
  14. Gold, silver slip sharply as commodities sell off It's you Narco, with your predictions. You're a bloody jinx!
  15. Ahhh, the surge. Anyone remember the late surge of voters that was going to put David Steel into No. 10? What a great PM he was, with his cheeky grin and two-tone shirts.
  16. Even FP has a better record than that. Still, neither is as good as that sage old pundit, the Stopped Clock. Right twice a day, regular as er..... clockwork.
  17. Now, Grand Prix, is that the one where cars go round and round the same bit of track for hours and hours until one overpaid idiot or another finally "wins"? Couldn't they just show last year's race again? I doubt anyone would notice.
  18. Yep, a Sheffield police box. Slightly different design to the ones used in places like London and Glasgow. The only one still remaining in the city centre.
  19. Doug Roberts: I don't know. Maybe they just oughta leave it the way it is. Kind of a shrine to all the ******** in the world. (Paul Newman, The Towering Inferno) That was 1983. Time for a modern update featuring councillors on holiday in Barbados (with their bloated bank accounts) phoning in their advice and Purple People Eaters* with the power to shoot looters. * Local slang for the Sheffield Council City Centre Ambassadors
  20. I'd pay £25 for the chance of hunting Frenchies with a heavy machine gun. A bit like "The Most Dangerous Game", only not all that dangerous for me one hopes. In fact I'd buy 2 tickets. Worth considering IMO.
  21. Even Flash Gordon had to save the universe more than once, in the obligatory sequels/spin-offs. Quite like the idea of "Gordon Brown's Trip to Mars" though. If only we could get the fecker to stay there.
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