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  1. According to Secret Agent, B's lettings side is their main money earner now.
  2. No sympathy. Get a bloomin' 2nd hand Proton and go back to the "posh" shops. Like Morrisons. One leading expert predicts the economic downturn will lead to a rise in burglaries, muggings and other crimes. Amazing Holmes! How do you do it. Are they open to offers of 30% below asking price?
  3. Doesn't look too bad from the inside but oh my, that frontage.
  4. Gold seems to be on the up just about now.
  5. Dr. Magnus Pyke (anyone remember him?) was a big advocate of eating worms. Or at least amenable to the idea, I can't remember quite how enthusiastic he was all these years later. I've been trimming down my expenses a bit, but at the moment I don't feel any benefit as such, I feel like I'm just about standing still.
  6. I had you down as a calm, Zen like guy Durch, and all the time, you were a party animal.
  7. To be honest Mark, I wouldn't even like to try to predict what gold will do. It's like a willful child, it will do exactly the opposite of what it should logically be doing. There's a quote in the Churchill thread on the main board that goes "The main purpose of the stock market is to make fools of as many men as possible." The gold market seems to run along similar lines. Unless you're in it for the multi-generational long-term of course.
  8. I'm sure RB and his amazing calling of the top of the gold price in 1980® is the exception to that rule.
  9. Door step loans, Pawn brokers, repo services, bailiffs, the list is endless. Let the good times roll.
  10. J. Ramsay MacDonald was in America in the summer of 1929, but that was months before the crash. It strongly implies it though. Or maybe I'm inferring it. Either way, the result is the same.
  11. Owner of gold storing firm Goldmoney. (Sorry, just filling in until Mark Uttley arrives.)
  12. Great bolshy yarblockos to the sophistos from the planning department and the government. Oh god that did make me laugh. Great clip.
  13. A London Cabbie: "I 'ad that Grant Bovey in the back 'o my cab once". "Right [email protected] he was".
  14. If Aesop were still writing fables, this would be one of time. A cautionary tale for our times.
  15. Every other country that doesn't have a radar system and submarine based missiles that is (or who is allied with such a country or who shares a border with such a country). Perhaps the Russians should try this tactic on Canada and see what happens.
  16. Yeah, don't they realise that America has already staked it's claim in this regard. No room for two highly armed bullies on this patch.
  17. I think Bertie is concerned that people may read the gold ramping that goes on all over the site and put their money in what he thinks may turn out to be a bad investment. You may argue that it is not a bad investment. However, I'm sure Bertie's concern for the average forum member is genuine, regardless of how right or wrong his views on gold may prove to be, hence his relentless debunking of goldbug hyperbole. Apologies to Bertie if I've misinterpreted him.
  18. Explaining what inflation and deflation are would be necessary for at least 80% of them.
  19. Sorry, had to edit that a bit. Adorning chavs is not a great use for gold. If chavs must be adorned, why can't it be with a wreath or a shroud. Body bags would do in a pinch. Or bin liners.
  20. Good point. I suppose the relatively common availability of the Kruger would also make it easier to sell in many people's minds, more people will know what they look like than say, a Philharmoniker or a Panda. That wouldn't matter if you were selling to the likes of Bairds, but on eBay..... I've heard that the Panda coin is very beautiful to look at, whereas Krugers are often described as being a bit ugly.
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