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  1. Ah, we're at that special point in the gold cycle, the gloating/dollar ramping RB thread (no. 217 in an ongoing series). Seasoned gold price watchers will recognize this as the signal that gold is about to shoot up in price again. Hang on, just yesterday you said Up, down, what next? Sideways? This advisory lark is easy isn't it? Here's my prediction. Silver will go to the moon, but it will also fall in price, which the cost of buying it will remain static. All this will happen in the next week, or maybe next month, or possibly 6 months ago.
  2. Still land available at the Sea Of Tranquility but I think I'll give it a miss. Ever since that Armstrong guy arrived, it's gotten way too touristy round that way. Shops selling "I went all the way to the moon and all I got was this lousy T-shirt -- no bloody gold at all" and Lizard People boot scrapers. Honestly, talk about tacky.
  3. Thats what I do, so I have no idea what the fuss is about. (I feel a bit left out TBH.)
  4. I'm not gloating old chap, actually I'm quite surprised. In all the time I've viewed the Kitco gold prices page, through all the highs and lows of the past 2 or 3 years, I can't ever remember the yearly figure being negative. See my comment about Mark's original prediction. (-11.00 YOY for Mark Uttley BTW.)
  5. Proprty porn indeed. They used to say that about Gordon Brown too, how the times do change. Well, who could possibly have forseen what was coming. Link
  6. Getting close now, +$4.20 for the year.
  7. The Global site is defined primarily by it's hatred of this site. GEI is a dry-as-dust ego trip for 2bobBubb and his circle of sycophants. Even the debased version of HPC that exists today is preferable to either site, despite 2bob's increasing behind the scenes "influence" over here.
  8. Not predicting anything but it's slipped to +£17.40 for the year on Kitco. Edit: Sorry, that should be dollars not pounds. Now at +$12.70 for the year.
  9. The conservative party still exists? I thought it had been replaced by a collection of Madame Tussuad's cast-offs dredged from a rusty skip and a big rubber stamp that says "We're 100% behind you Gordon, Hugs & Kisses David" for use in parliamentary votes. Is it too late for the Conservatives rediscover the wisdom of Lord Randolph Churchill's phrase "It is the duty of an opposition to oppose"? Maybe someone should have casually mentioned to the Boy David when he took the job on that it involved more than simply striking a photogenic pose in a casual suit and trying to angle his face so that it looks like he has a chin. How Gordon, Blears, Balls and Harman must be pis$ing themselves with laughter.
  10. Some bits were trimmed out for the version broadcast on UKTV Drama. Probably mostly to make way for the adverts. The early 80s was a time of increased nuclear tension across the western world. With a Leonid in the Kremlin and a cretin in the Whitehouse, the nuclear issue was on everyone's minds, even if only subconsciously. Anyone who remembers those days will tell you that. Threads was part of a slew of post-nuke dramas around 1983-84 or thereabouts, The Day After, Testament, Z for Zacharia, World War III (TV movie). Other stuff heavily reflected the nuclear threat such as Edge of Darkness, War Games, The Terminator, even an episode of "Lou Grant" did a bit on children's fear of nuclear war. Given that the Labour party of the time was committed to nuclear disarmament and the CND movement was very high profile (not forgetting the Greenham Common women) many on the right dismissed Threads as BBC lefty propaganda. Presumably they were just publically pretending to disavow it and were secretly anticipating increased public support for the cruise missiles and Trident submarine program.
  11. I assume if you buy from a reputable dealer (Bairds etc.) those worries will vanish.
  12. I seem to remember grumpy old man used to post this Pompous Prognosticators chart at times, e.g. when he was in a running battle with bulls like dogbox. These names will doubtless mean nothing to some.
  13. But nothing like the winter of 1978/79. Unless people can get unionized en mass in the next few weeks, and all the migrant workers leave, and managers forget all about outsourcing. In the late 70s, the unions were like Desperate Dan, now they're like the Pathetic Sharks.
  14. Ahhh, I love science-fiction set on parallel worlds. Is this one where Kennedy wasn't assassinated and Buzz Aldrin was the first man on the moon? Or maybe airships became popular? I like airships.
  15. My theory is that he controls a rag-tag gang of cockney street urchins who he has trained up as pickpockets. It is they who report back with news about the economy. Urchin No. 1: It was blinkin' crowded at Tesco's today Mr wellandpower, good pickin's to be 'ad and no mistake. Urchin No. 2: Yeah but it was bleedin' dead dahn the local BMW dealership, nuffink doin' nor nuffink there wasn't. wellandpower: Never mind that my boys, show me what swag you've brought me. Oh you've got to pick a pocket or two boys, you've got to pick a pocket or twooooooooo! (I'll take my medication now, promise.)
  16. Now this is the bit that I can't reconcile. Unless you're planning to use your gold purchases as some sort of trust fund for your children, what's the point. You can't take it with you. Even if you were holding onto your gold as a nest egg for your children, one day they're going to reach 18 or 21 or whatever and want to use that gold as a deposit for a starter home or take a year off uni and travel the world (or some such thing). Surely this would happen within your lifetime? Or is it that you just love gold for it's own sake? Alternatively, let the great Bill Hicks explain it better than I can: Does anyone remember this, when Yul Bryner died, and came out with that commercial after he was dead? "I'm Yul Bryner and I'm dead now." What the f**k's this guy selling? I'm all ears. I'm Yul Bryner and I'm dead now, because I smoked cigarettes. Okay, pretty scary. But they coulda done that with anyone. They coulda done it with that Jim Fixx guy, too, remember that guy, that health nut who died while jogging? I don't remember seeing his commercial! I'm Jim Fixx and I'm dead now. And I don't know what the f**k happened. I jogged every day, ate nothing but tofu, swam five hundred laps every morning, and I'm dead. Yul Bryner drank, smoke, and got laid every night of his life. He's dead. Shit! Yul Bryner's smokin', drinkin', girls are sitting on his cueball noggin, every night of his life! I'm running around a dewy track at dawn. And we're both f**king dead. Yul used to pass me on his way home in the morning, big long limousine, two girls blowing him, cigarette in one hand, drink in the other. "One day that life is going to get to you, Yul." They're both dead. Yeah, but what a healthy looking corpse you were, Jim. Look at the hamstrings on that corpse! Look at the sloppy grin on Yul's corpse! Yul Bryner lived his life.
  17. Good point, it's kind of snuck up on me too. I'm sending my chocolate ration to our brave boys on the Malabar front.
  18. He'll put it, unopened, next to those he got from the IMF a few years ago. Ignorance, as they say, is bliss. Gordon must be the most blissed-out PM we've ever had.
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