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  1. Surely this is the ideal time for Soylent Green to hit the supermarket shelves?
  2. Good luck, hope it all works out for you. (Don't forget us up here in HPC land.)
  3. Derek Robinson Surely not the legendary BL communist shop steward "Red Robbo"? A standard fob-off full of meaningless platitudes.
  4. This is all getting a bit too Freudian for me. Of course, there is one man for whom gold literally was a pecker substitute.
  5. As long as the pound keeps tanking, the price of gold isn't going to shift all that much, at least not for those buying in Sterling. Price of gold on BullionVault is currently £447 (UK vaults). That's not much changed on a few days ago, despite the rapid fall in gold. To reach £350 gold would either have to totally collapse or the £ would have to get a whole lot healthier.
  6. Excellent prediction sir. Bizarrely the falling pound is keeping the value of gold in Sterling almost level at the moment.
  7. If they're anything like RB, I wouldn't hold your breath.
  8. So you've saying it's time to buy gold/silver then RB? One of those defaulting nations will be the U.S. y'know.
  9. Soylent Green, it's the only answer. Eric's the shy, retiring type of poster. He doesn't really like to make a big deal about such things. Shame really.
  10. They missed out on a golden career in modern British politics.
  11. I tripped going down up steps at HSBC, did my ankle in. Bloomin' painful it was. Safest bank my @rse!
  12. Who makes the black cabs for Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Nottingham, Coventry, Sheffield etc. then?
  13. Well it is meant to be a forum for debate and discussion, not a mutual backslapping, masturbatory [email protected] love-in for the gold bugs. GEI might be more the kind of thing you're after if that's where your interests lie. Bizarrely (and I'm sure some will have trouble believing this) I'm not really anti-gold at all. I think there are some potentially good reasons for buying it 1. It's been a good way of off-setting the decline in Sterling this year 2. If we get prolonged inflation it will certainly be a better bet than cash 3. Given all that's happened in the banking world of late, taking at least some of your money out of the banking system and putting it into gold would be a satisfying way of sticking two fingers up at the banking establishment. Some good questions there. Falls in the value of Sterling can only really be circumvented by moving your cash out of the £. Currency diversification into Euros, Swiss Frances, Yen and even the hard money currencies such as gold and silver, would be my suggestion for that. Gold and silver are certainly more reasonable than they have been for a year (well. on paper ), and both Bullionvault and Goldmoney are certainly no worse places to put your money right now than the average bank. I'd wait a little while to see how gold and silver fare. I find it hard to believe that gold could reach $600 as has been suggested, but gold has a habit of surprising me. The main problem with Swiss Franc accounts is the almost negligible amount of interest you will receive. One way I would have suggested would have been a mix of commodities and shares, but neither is doing that well at the moment. As far as savings accounts and inflation, the odds are stacked against you there. Even the best deals barely keep up with real inflation, although you've done the right thing with tax-free savings like the ISA and NS&I. If you're a family man you can expand your NS&I holdings as suggested here by gray shark (a big NS&I fan). If you're a family man I'd be tempted to go for that rather than put too much money into gold and silver. Me (single), I like the idea of silver and am registered with Goldmoney ( ) but I doubt if I have as much financial room to save/invest as you. Why not start a thread in both the "Cash ISA's and Savings Accounts" forumm and the "Investment in general" forum. You'll certainly get plenty of food for thought.
  14. An insurance policy that you never intend to claim on is worthless.
  15. Why? Since you never intend to sell your gold, any financial gains or monetary value preservation aspects are worthless, since you will never benefit from them. What are you storing this value FOR? You might as well flush your money down the toilet for all the good buying gold will do you, unless you just like pretty trinkets. Surely the point of gold as insurance is that if things get bad, you claim on the insurance? Irrelevant as you never intend to part with it. Also, why would you need guns and food in a deflation? Is that what happened in Japan?
  16. Don't say things like that on an RB threads, let him have his day in the sun. True. Bullionvault are quoting $732 at the mo', Goldmoney $750.
  17. It's been an interesting day for gold and no mistake. All of the gains of the past year have been wiped out.
  18. -$28.30 I'm watching with curiosity to see if $700 is going to be breached.
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