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  1. Worth a bump on its own. Of course the faithful will refuse to accept it. Expect the "Two Stooges", Narco and Errol to be along soon, alerted by another ramping opportunity.. Yes, on a site devoted to house prices, these two have been consistent one-trick ponies for gold. You never see them discuss anything else. OK, *maybe* silver. Gold will be £XXX by 20XX, round and round and round like a stuck record. A bit like the repetitive utterances of Labour ministers.
  2. Has inhin finally sussed that no one is paying any attention to his posts anymore?
  3. I read the thread title as "Jonathan Davis Kises Ass Of Estate Agent" He always did strike me as being a bit camp. I hope he wasn't distributing his bodily fluids this time?
  4. I give up on this country, I really do.
  5. Steve, seriously, put him on "ignore". Injin operates a kind of reverse Modus vivendi approach, whatever you say, he will disagree with in some way, or claim that it isn't real. It's a mind-****** approach and it's a waste of your time that might be better spent in a more productive exchange of ideas with other HPC posters.
  6. Maybe they just don't like it cramped? Simplistic ad hoc paranoiac explanations seem to be in favour amongst certain posters. Well, what else can they need that space for? If they're collating all the posts on this site, why are they bothering? Or are they secretly arresting us, one by one? Arresting us for what though? Oh, of course, HPC posters are so high up on their threat list that they are just bundled away in secret establishements and "reprogrammed" to serve society. Actually, TaxAbuserOfTheWeek is an MI5 spook whose job is too spread conspiracy theories in order to make people doubt and dismiss any conspiracy theory they hear, which is exactly what THEY want. Proof? Well, why else would he be doing it? Any normal person wouldn't be able to construct a paranoid fantasy based solely on the size of a building, let alone bother to repeat it on a forum he claims in monitored.
  7. If they really were that forward thinking and manipulative, there's no point fighting them. Just accept NWO control, they're better than us, smater than us, and they always win. At least according to the tin-foil hatters on here. If Carter's administration were leading the Russians into a trap (yeah, right) it's a pity they didn't tell the Regan administration what they were up to, leaving it to the likes of Senator Charles Wilson to push through financial aid for the Afghan resistance. Though I suppose THAT story is just a smokescreen, and Wilson was in fact acting under the orders of Henry Kissenger, which were transmitted through the fillings in his teeth from Bildeburger HQ.
  8. I'm starting to feel like that and I've always lived here.
  9. No sales isn't going to do the nation's EAs any good though.
  10. I'm surprised to see such a clear split between happy/not happy and optimistic/not optimistic. I'd have thought there was a lot less optimism on here than that.
  11. The BoE appear no more clued up. That 2 year thing is just a get-out clause. It's not a policy, it's an excuse.
  12. Can't take it eh? Ignoring any (imagined) lack of stylistic finesse on my part, which part of my post was factually inaccurate? The fact that people can take GCSE exams at any age or the fact that you said that they supposedly measured different things. You haven't got a leg to stand on, stumpy.
  13. Well Sherlock, it may surprise you to learn that it is possible to take GCSE exams at any age. There are these things called colleges for example, and evening classes. Hell, sometimes these are even run at local schools. How convenient. In whichever way they are deemed to be failing, "well, that's not actually their real purpose is it?"
  14. Cheers Babararacoocoodada. And on the subject of cheers, I'm raising a virtual cyberspace glass to your return to the forum. EDIT: Spelled "cheers" wrong. I'm not pished you know.
  15. I'm missing something here, and not for the first time. Which thread?
  16. Try and work out how your first statement, especially the bit in bold, pretty much answers your second. Take your time, don't strain anything.
  17. Do you have a copy of the marriage certificate? Or a copy of Jesus' birth certificate? Or any conclusive proof that these specific individuals ever lived? Something that would satisfy the likes of Richard Dawkins. RB is right about one thing, Santa Clause did at least exist. Jesus, well I think the jury is still out on that one.
  18. RB, I wouldn't try to test this theory by crossing the road on a red light. Or by sticking your hand in a fire. Or by trying to fly off a tall building. This is NOT the Matrix. Or indeed, Oceania. I've often thought that was your approach to posting. Thanks for confirming.
  19. Smoke is fine particles of ash that float about in the air, even when the actual puff of smoke has dissipated. Some people object to eating food sprinkled with ash that has passed through someone's mouth. You must attend some very badly run barbecues. London, Manchester or Birmingham have certainly deteriorated since I last visited them. Is London now back to being covered in fog and populated by cheeky cockney urchins? A hundred buses and lorries driving by. What street is this, the M1? Hyperthyroidic histrionics do not an argument make.
  20. Usually non-secular arguments about who the sky-fairy likes best, or how to worship the sky-fairy, or disputes with people who believe in a different set of sky-faries altogether.
  21. He would have had to register the presence of a new thread, click on it, read it, click on the link, read that, click on the add reply button, write a response and then post it, all in under 2 minutes. The bulls1ht-ometer is dangerously in the red. Why bother reading the article anyway, Injin's mind is already made up. Reading the article would have just been a distraction from his main activity on here. Like reality.
  22. Injin just loves to mind-**** with anyone who bites. Put him on ignore like I have and suddenly, he doesn't exist.
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