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  1. Given that you're supposedly facing imminent unemployment, I would imagine that the problem will cease to exist soon.
  2. I thought you were going back to Uni for a PhD or something? Working in steel mill? Isn't that like Joe 90 sweeping the streets?
  3. Gold is good for all circumstances don'tcha know? Inflation, deflation, biflation, stagflation, constipation. It's the modern snake oil.
  4. Under a gold standard. Wasn't the price of gold fixed at $35 an ounce from the 1930s until 1971?
  5. I see Strompy and Sibley have (as if by magic) logged on at the same time. Hope you've sorted out the IP evidence lads.
  6. If they think that they can come over here and take our women. :angry: "Hey Guðfinnur, We're going to need a bigger boat".
  7. Gonna send some of your BNP mates to duff them up are you? Don't forget, we know where you live. I feel sorry for FP. With friends like you....
  8. Too late! Or better still, stop making them on a public forum if he doesn't like them being quoted back to him. Or is that too simple? That's because it's so much bigger. Given that the person who chose to put his head "above the parapet" is FP himself, perhaps he should learn to live with the consequences of his own actions? Something that seems to be readily advocated by many on here in the case of the feckless and indebted. But of course, that's different.
  9. The Matador posted a link to an FP post that FP REALLY didn't like. Sadly the original thread seems not be be available. Link
  10. Don't you know that quoting back to FP things he once said on this forum isn't fair. It's all "lies and distortions" you see.
  11. Does it cure dandruff as well? Are there any economic circumstances where gold isn't destined to "go to the moon"? I notice you completely sidestep the point about the world economies no longer being on any kind of gold standard, a somewhat different state of affairs from any previous historical period of deflation.
  12. Link Link? A period during which a gold standard was the norm rather than the exception. Today things are quite different. You said it bro.
  13. If these are "private" finances then they should not have been openly discussed by the individual concerned, on a public form for anyone to see. There is an astonishing amount of "doublethink" regarding FP from certain posters, those who perhaps might, in other threads, decry the general public for being mindless "sheeple". To an "agnostic" like myself, it really is rather amusing.
  14. Fred Harrison, in his Boom Bust: House Prices, Banking and the Great Depression of 2010, criticizes those who followed FT commentator Martin Wolf's advice to STR in 2003 (page 16 of the 2007 paperback edition). He points out the loss in capital gains over the period until the actual peak of the housing market, which he correctly attributed to be 2007. 2002, 2003. Both were singularly ill-advised years to STR.
  15. Shakerbaby's former squeeze, also known as Winners & Losers.
  16. That depends on whether you belive shakerbaby is a Doctor, an RAF civilian contractor or a Teacher. He's had a big appetite for porridge as well, so I hear. Even he seems to be a little confused at times. He should calm down a bit or he might have a nervous breakdown.
  17. That particular allegation was made by the Sunday Mirror. It was found to be baseless. Also, I'm not sure that any teenager could accurately be described as a little boy.
  18. For the benefit of the uneducated among us, who don't know their loose from their lose (or their from there come to think of it). "for Prince Philip and me" is definitely grammatically incorrect. In compound structures, where there are two pronouns or a noun and a pronoun, drop the other noun for a moment. Then you can see which case you want. I.e. Bob and I travel a good deal. NOT: Bob and me travel a good deal. (Would you say, "me travel"?)
  19. Jonathan Davis Hits A Nerve - House Market Slump Bottoming Out, Claim Surveyors, Belfast Telegraph Blasts back at HPC.co.uk Since neither JD or this site are actually mentioned in any way in the piece, the title of this thread is somewhat dependent on spurious conjecture and flimsy supposition. Master of Puppets, you are Jonathan Davis and I claim my £5. Alternatively, have you considered a career as a NuLab spin doctor?
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