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  1. You're swimming against the tide with your idea that gold doesn't have intrinsic value

    Trying to debate with Injin is a waste of time. He just goes on and on until he exhausts the patience of those trying to reason with him.

    There's a reason he has nearly 40,000 posts. It's mostly through wearing down other HPC members.

    There is very little constructive debate on this thread

    Just put him and the other trolls on this thread on IGNORE.

  2. and now I'm struggling to find another job to pay my mortgage that runs until I'm 75

    That's insane.

    I would suspect she was probably divorced in her late forties, and got screwed over by her husband regarding any settlement.

    Much more likely to be the other way around.

    Going to be a lot more of this. Something to do with buying a first house at 37! (Or did someone revise that age figure up recently?)

    44 I think.

    You have absolutely no idea as to whether this person is a product of her own financial incompetence or whether life events outside her control have led her to be in the position she is in.

    "....to pay my mortgage that runs until I'm 75"

    Having a mortgage until she's 75 is something that was out of her control? Who signed on the dotted line?

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