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  1. Seems to be the latter. Don't bother trying to engage in a rational argument with Injin, his "special" brand of thinking cannot be challenged. Just put him on Ignore and save yourself a lot of wasted time.
  2. RK is ideologically unable to accept that deficits are a problem and that governments should spend less.
  3. The latter. The OP is a well-known shill for the bankers.
  4. Trying to debate with Injin is a waste of time. He just goes on and on until he exhausts the patience of those trying to reason with him. There's a reason he has nearly 40,000 posts. It's mostly through wearing down other HPC members. Just put him and the other trolls on this thread on IGNORE.
  5. Hundreds arrested as thousands protest elections in Moscow [Russia Today, 06 December, 2011, 19:19] Want a cloth for that egg on your face?
  6. Oh really? Abusive Relationships: characteristics, consequences and recovery
  7. It's a pretty rubbish bubble where something can quadruple in price and still cost less that it did 31 years ago [inflation adjusted].
  8. I'll give it a go. Deploy Trident submarines off UK coast. Fire all missiles. Elevate surface crust of UK into stratosphere. Begin again from scratch. Probably too many letters. It'd work though, problem solved!
  9. People don't seem to be biting today Injin. Shame Maybe they've learned to avoid your trolling endless circular arguments?
  10. Self-sufficiency is probably a bit too much like taking responsibility for your own life for some, hence not being dependent on the largess of a quasi-socialist state.
  11. So gold went from $880 to $44? You do realise that you're talking nonsense?
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