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  1. I've heard our local council put people up in the local Holiday Inn Express, reportedly costing around £700 a week although this must include the food vouchers they're also given, and often for a couple of months while the council try and arrange more permanent accommodation. The really annoying thing is a private enterprise would negotiate a hefty discount if they were taking on as many rooms for as long a period as our council...
  2. The crazy thing about business rates is that they are based on the rents which were achievable in April 2008!
  3. It'll never be legalised because trying to keep it out the country and prevent its use keeps too many people in employment!
  4. ? My thoughts on a few of yours points... 1 - caused by the UK being uncompetitive vs. rest of world. Higher UK wages needed = too expensive to make things here. High wages needed due to large welfare state, excessive numbers of (non essential) public sector workers, expensive houses, high taxes. 2 - not sure how bank regulation is related to globalism 3 - immigration + migration not bad if it helps reverse 1 by increasing competitiveness through lower wages. Free access to social services for people who don't contribute via taxes is bad tho and shouldn't be allowed to co-exist with free immigration / migration 4 - not sure how globalism leads to increase in service economy 5 - ditto lisbon treaty 6 - ditto EU powers 7 - ditto fishing. 8 - uncompetitive nature of doing anything in the UK. UK workers demand (and need) a high wage, but UK workers wouldn't want to pay extra for UK Coal (or coal based energy) 9 - I don't know what statism is. 10 - there is excessive red tape in UK, is this due to globalism tho or interfering + meddling councils / govts? 11 - surely grand scheme of current govt than globalism? 12 - ditto 13 - more due to people in local councils believing they are all powerful and the govt + people allowing them to do so 14 - debt economy due to govt seeing it as an easy way to enable UK earnigs to stay high and inflate the feeling of well-being in the economy, and people wanting to spend today rather than save? 15 - global forces + markets behind devaluing currency, but don't think it's globalism in itself. devaluing currency helps reverse 1, 3, 8 and 14 though doesn't it, surely a good thing? IMO anyway.
  5. I believe you can get the council to pay your mortgage interest for you after 9 months if you're unemployed (and I believe govt wants to reduce this to 3 months too), so if you're unemplyed you can be given money from Joe Public to raise your kids and put food on your table, and pay your council tax, then JP can also pay your mortgage for you, and if house prices had kept going up the unemployed could have banked all the 'profit'. Infuriating.
  6. It's infuriating reading that Daily Mail article on the closeness of the cabinet, and Onlyme's and others highlighting of some of the standard responses that politicians come out with just adds to my anger with the govt! I suspect that this sort of stuff will happen whoever is in power, and while the Lib Dems have some straighter talking people (Cable, Kennedy) in reality they're not going to get in power in the short term so they can afford to be a bit more up-front. The attitude of the current cabinet IMHO really alienates them from Joe Public, and I doubt many of them have much of a clue about what goes on in real life. They're all far too detached from it all and probably believe their own party's stats and soundbites, not realising the frustration they're causing in the people listening who have a bit of knowledge. It does seem nowadays that people choose politics as a career from an early age, which then adds to the detachment of these career politicians from the man on the street. Although I can't stand Hazel Blears I think she is one of very few in the Labour party elite who doesn't come from that close-knit background and actually has some working class roots. I've no idea when or why she decided to get into politics tho. My overly romantic view of politics is it shouldn't be something you want to do, rather it's something you have to get into to make a positive change to your community or the country. So anyone thats says that 'when they grow up that they want to be a politician' shouldn't be allowed anywhere near Westminster, as their reason for wanting to get into politics is probably completely wrong! Sadly it seems most of the people in the cabinet (and probably the whole of Westminster itself) want to be MPs because they just can't get enough of both power that it brings and the gravy train that flows through that palace. I think I'm just completely dis-illusioned with UK politics and there's sweet FA I can do about it, and It's maddening that 95% of the people in this country couldn't give a flying F what goes on, and so long as those in power can keep the illusion of UK wealth going then that 95% will stay contented in their debt slavery for the rest of their lives. Meanwhile the forces and effort needed to keep that illusion going just brews up trouble for future generations to deal with while the perpetrators will get off Scott-free. Didn't mean that to become a rant, it just happened!
  7. £500 seemed low for over the counter.. Some people can withdraw that from ATMs! Think reading some of the posts on here over the past few months has made me too twitchy.. thought they were trying to sneak it in through the back door, and couldn't see any similar limits on the Lloyds or Natwest websites! Nationwide do seem fairly strict with money. they wouldn't even give me a cheque book when I asked for one a few years ago!
  8. Not too bad if banks had it in place a year ago then. Was it a response to NR or have these limits always been in place? e.g. were people queueing all day to draw £500/£1000 in cash from NR last year?!
  9. Recieved a notification today from Nationwide telling me there were changes to my terms and conditions. It highlighted a change which forces you to use a cash machine for withdrawals less than £30, but also stated it was adding the following to the T+Cs: Their website has further details; turns out the upper limit is £500 a day although "You may be able to withdraw more than £500 at a Nationwide branch counter if you give us at least two full working days’ notice" withdrawal limits I wasn't sure if there was an upper limit on it before, and I didn't know if there are any other banks with an upper limit either. Anyone know of any more? It does seem sensible to restrict hard cash withdrawals to limit the effects of a run and prevent them running out of £20 notes in branch, however I thought Nationwide were a lot safer than NR, B+B etc so wouldn't have expected them needing to put anti-run terms in place.
  10. Count me in. I can't stand her at all, she's a complete CUN T, I can't stand her smug face whenver someone's debating with her, I can't stand those stupid pointy 'surprised looking' eyebrows, I CANNOT STAND HER! I usually turn off the TV when she's on, but enjoyed the battering she was given on QT Did you notice how the claps for her seemed to come from a small group in the audience.. in the cutaway you could hear claps echoing in the room, but no-one couldbe seen clapping. Stupid dumb **** Labour rentamob in the crowd.
  11. How about a 'Like him but don't want to see more of him on TV' option? Quite like his blogs on BBC news website, but he's not a comfortable TV type!
  12. Maybe we'll see a few people sticking their heads out their windows and yelling: Found this video from the HMRC is Sh1te website. Awesome clip, hopefully will get round to watching the whole film. Looking at the blogs and US news sites, there seems to be a LOT of negativity towards the Paulson plan
  13. FYI median wage was around 24k in 2007 (http://www.statistics.gov.uk/CCI/nugget.asp?ID=285&Pos=2&ColRank=1&Rank=294) and median for females was c. 20k in 2007 (I've assumed weekly wage x 52 gives you the annual wage!) I think the mean earnings for a full time male employee is in the region of 33k currently
  14. Yea, it is weird. Might just be a short term response to the 'good' news though? When the real implications bed in it surely must affect the dollar negatively? If I were China and had loads of dollars in the bank, I reckon I'd be trying to offload them pretty quick.. Although I thought that a few months ago and yet the dollar strengthened!
  15. Looks interesting. Pi55ed myself when I heard the bleeped out f****xtons
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