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  1. Sounds like they had a fun childhood, christ. Its a Daily Mail article people, therefore it'll be a tenuous tale at best
  2. My twopennth....missus is from Melbourne so we go there a fair amount.... If you don't like hot weather (stifiling in the summer a lot of the time), beaches, bar-be-ques Australia's f**king dull and backward. Plus its truly screwed from a climate change perspective
  3. If I ever had any doubts that getting the f**k out of NI 13 years ago was the right decision these pictures have reassured me. Jesus Christ, the place will always be a dump, and a few years of recession ain't going to help matters that's for certain
  4. Bolger was on BBC Breakfast at about 8.30am this morning too, where he was given a very easy ride by Bill Turnbull. The thing I find most depressing is that its not just that everyone in the BBC is NuLab stooges (I know a couple of their reporters quite well and they certainly aren't), but that their editorial and journalistic approach still reflects the widely held view in this country that high house prices are a good thing, most of the problems stem from the US, etc. Yet most of my friends, family and acquaintances will now accept that the past ten or fifteen years have been absolutely crazy. What the f**k is going on?!
  5. So an Eastern European immigrant from a country with zero historical ties to the UK has quit the UK because she doesn't like the fact that some of her fellow Eastern European immigrants are gypsies and her friend, a Portugese immigrant is now complaining about it on a UK website. F**k me, there's nowt queer as folk eh
  6. When the f**k is the Aussie Dollar going to weaken against Sterling - am getting married out there at the end of August and after the wedding venue burning down in the recent fires I could do with some good news!
  7. Our experience seems to bear this out - we bought in Highgate and my brother and his wife bought in Tooting Bec, although they originally had tried to buy in Balham but couldn't afford it (couldn't afford a one bed with a budget of £325k believe it or not). When I expressed surprise at this state of affairs they scoffed at us for buying in "boring Highgate" as if Balham/Tooting Bec were equivalent to Kensington and Chelsea. The phrase "you can't polish a turd" now springs to mind as I remember the days when my missus rented in Balham (i.e. the pre-Waitrose and the now defunct Balham Bar and Kitchen days), when that area of South London could best be described as "gritty".
  8. That is what really confuses me - when we were buying our flat was on for £265k but there was no way we would pay over the stamp duty threshold. The buyer for our place's first offer was £265k, which we rejected on the advice of the EA (who is actually quite a decent bloke known to us beforehand) and then he came in with £275k. Bizarre
  9. I have plans for the cash of that you can sure. I agree entirely. I am not gloating at all - in fact I feel incredibly sorry for him, not least because his missus is now preggers and they are in a one bed flat. Mind you, I did question why they were buying it in the first place when it was part of their life plan to have kids within two years, but there you go. Bottom line is that I am hoping and praying that this sale doesn't fall through as I will be mightily relieved to get shot of my flat - even if I am hardly salivating at the prospect of having to deal with landlords, managing agents, deposits and inventories again
  10. Well - its happening - I put my flat on the market three weeks that I bought for £248k in April 2006 and have had three offers. I yesterday accepted an offer from a cash buyer at £275k. Now don't get me wrong, this has surprised as much as anyone, as my logic for selling up is that prices have a long way to fall and I am therefore moving back into renting, but it does seem to be happening in certain pockets of the desirable areas (which is were the flat is). Up and coming areas, new builds, etc are faring much worse. My brother's flat bought around the same time in a different part of London for £325k was recently valued at £265k and his mortgage is currently £287k.
  11. Not all savers are rich, yet again people like me are being punished for trying to put money away for the future, when all around us tw*ts were living way beyond their means on credit
  12. Couldn't agree more, but last time I was in Oz (the missus is from Melbourne) we attended her cousin's wedding in a place called Albury (one NSW/Vic border). Her old man was born and raised in Albury and on the drive up there he was pointing out dry riverbeds with concrete boat jetties sticking about 10 feet in the air, etc. The day after the wedding we convened at a barbeque where most people were your typical happy go lucky aussies with no interest in politics, never read the paper, love their beer and footy, etc and the topic of conversation bar nothing else was the drought. All I'm saying it that it was an eye-opening experience that made me think "screw worrying about oil, gas, HPI, etc. If you run out of water you're truly f**ked", and believe me its happening in parts of Australia.
  13. Fair enough, but just wait until the water runs out and most of the country becomes desertified
  14. Heathrow third runway - most people in London opposed to it, no business justification to speak of (given that the majority are transit passengers), yet everyone knows that the consultation is a stitch up and it'll happen anyway
  15. Do me a f**king favour. If I had a pound for every time I read some idiot on here saying something along the lines of "I usually see two blackbirds in the tree in my front garden when I leave for work in the mornings, but they weren't there this morning, things seem to be getting really serious, you do wonder where it will all end" then I'd wouldn't be sat in this dull office eating a disappointing chicken and lettuce sandwich cos I'd be a right rich b*stard. Cue some other idiot saying "I see you're a newbie, you should shut up and try to learn something from other posters on here, there are some very, very clever people on here" Zzzzzzzzzzzzzz
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