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  1. When was this rubbish first recorded? Pre-credit crunch, but much before? C4 really should be ashamed of airing this schisse in the current climate. Unless tomorrow there's 'We Located, Located, Located' interviewing, today, the poor schmucks who bought overpriced bughuts in 2007 and are in neg eq. ... oh it is a 'retrospective'... the Merican girl and hubby have been in a year and got a kid on the way. That's nice. Hope they can afford everything on his salary.
  2. Good a reason as any, personally I find I don't need to justify a wafty.
  3. In the University city I live in, and living in studentland, I've seen in the last 5 years a veritable production line of Chinese students coming and going. Our thriving higher-education sector is training the people who will design and build the products of the future, exporting the technical knowledge and innovation that we're rightly famous for. How long before the next iPod is invented, made, marketed and exported solely in the Far East?
  4. I've made a precis of his "pitch" on his youtube, I do hope it helps his superb business opportunity take off! (I'm rubbishcrap by the way.)
  5. The title mislead me. I was bracing myself for an article on how a council had introduced a fleet of buses with environmentally-friendly wooden seats.
  6. Thanks for closing all the pits, Heseltine and Major. The Dash for Gas as a good idea as long as it got rid of those pesky miners, now we've run out of home-made energy it's not looking so clever is it?
  7. Tangentally, *every* crisp packet's Best Before date is a Saturday.
  8. I'm reminded of a website that took the rise out of the PC game 'The Sims' by putting a bog in the middle of the living room. Maybe the writer went on to work for these people as a design consultant.
  9. Superb! Meanwhile... separated at birth? Nicolas Sarkozy Tim Geitner
  10. One of those programmes that could have done with a postscript, screen of text like 'The ex-security guard and his wife are back in social housing, with a debt of £50,000 from negative equity'. After all they're the real victims of the piece in this.
  11. Prelude to suing/prosecuting EAs for missold mortgages? A la missold 1980/90s endowments?
  12. Suppose these programmes have to have great gobs of 'love interest' to appeal to parts of the audience, but I could give two shits for the emotions of the girl and cityboy who screwed in an office a year ago.
  13. "1 year later" does this mean it's all about to go to piss? Time for the popcorn.
  14. What's the spiv trying to talk the security guard into doing? Buying off plan or a similar Get Rich Quick idea?
  15. 1. Ditch the stupid bint. 2. Buy a Japanese thing.
  16. The Islamic countries of the Middle East must be laughing their socks off now. Not as much as the Far East though their inscrutable nature means it's more like a sly smile. The West is dying.
  17. I'm not surprised to see Nottingham up there, I live in Notts and the University has been expanding exponentially, meaning that a load of wannabe-BTL-millionaires sprouted up. What they don't realise is that the Uni is a step ahead of them, buying up vast sites like the old Raleigh works and providing new build accommodation, with cheap bars and security provided. The area I live in was once a small-scale industrial area with 1900s terraces and actual working people, now it's full of places with TO LET or FOR SALE signs outside.
  18. Middle management everywhere rely on it for survival. One of our service providers just laid off a swathe of first-line support staff (i.e. doers) while retaining the managers (bs'ers). I look forward to calling out one of the besuited ones to do a deeply technical and messy fix, preferably involving lots of high voltages. Cameraphone at the ready.
  19. London calling to the faraway towns Recession's declared - house prices come down London calling to the BTL's You won't rent that cupboard, you boys and girls London calling, now don't look to us Phoney HPImania has bitten the dust London calling, see we ain't got no swing 'Cept for the ring-ring of repossessing The downside is coming, the debt's zooming in Meltdown expected, profits growing thin Buyers stop buying, but I have no fear Cause London is drowning and I, rent by the river
  20. Assetz = Asshat (definition here. ) And this is Bubbles The two make Asset bubbles!
  21. Amazing. Soon you'll be able to trade in Clubcard points for bits of brick. Mortar though, you have to buy Tesco Special Mortar, at 200% markup.
  22. I had a trail of lodgers in my little two up two down pretty much from the day I bought, I mean took out a 25 year debt for it. It made sense as I was early 20s, paying boozing buddy in situ, easy choice! In a few years I took in and threw out or saw leave a couple of brothers and three pub mates. It was a good laugh all told to be fair, but once into your mid-30s (no wife because well, a girl sees you 'sharing' with a male, is a bit of a put off) it was time to ditch that idea. So if you're a young single person with a house with a mortgage and you can tolerate the occasional all-night pa
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