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  1. I moved to Merstham in 95, bought a 2 bed for 42k sold in 2000 for 90k, bought in Reigate for 122k and sold that 3 bed semi for 249k 2007 I love Reigate, its a great place to live! Bought again in 2008 for 380k. It was on for 499k......and he was desperate!! Probably worth about the same now........ish. REIGATE IS GREAT! The only thing wrong with Reigate is Redhill. And there are 2 types of people who live around these parts. Those that live in Reigate, and those who want to live in Reigate
  2. Actually, they are not in a bad location! Very close to the town centre and to the park. Of course it's to drum up interest and who can blame them. There is not many flats in that part of Reigate BUT if you think they will take off more than a few grand, forget it. I personally would buy one for around 30k off!!! Reigate seems to be OK at the moment, some reductions on the crap places and for the VERY over valued. The town has a couple of empty shops....which were in trouble long before the storm. But places close to town seem to be selling well
  3. I met Saddam when he was about a week away from his hanging. I was protecting a British Diplotwat...whoops I mean Diplomat at the time. And he said in perfect English "Give me half an hour to sort this country out....and that INCLUDES 15 mins to wash and change" True story! And I believed him. BUT to be honest, if the war was JUST to get rid of him it WAS worth it
  4. As I'm new to this forum I'll give my opinion if I may. When a new member does give his/her own view which goes against the grain of this website, they just get shot down in flames so don't bother posting again. There are many of you here who have whipped yourselves into such a frenzy with house prices and the general economy that any bad news is GOOD NEWS for YOU. Again...be careful what you wish for
  5. Thanks for that. Look don't get me wrong here....I WANTED drops since selling last year and now I've had to buy due to circumstances. Personally I think I've got a good deal...for now anyway. I'm just glad I sold at the right time! Just remember to leave something for the next guy. Im happy As a newbie it's not easy coming on here and putting a view across which doesn't conform. And I can imagine there are PLENTY that visit this site who ARE buying or looking to buy but are afraid of getting flamed I've been through worse!
  6. Yes that stupid war!! However I'm not looking for sympathy! It happened, got to get on with it thanks. kn0b
  7. Yep totally unsackable!! Live off an insurance payout every month for being injured in Iraq! Like I said everyones circumstances ARE different. You try converting a rented property!!
  8. SO you think I shouldn't buy then?? Everyones circumstances are different are they not? Next door to this property sold for £510k last year and mine is better....bigger garden and nothing to do inside. YES I KNOW PRICES ARE FALLING and will continue to do so. BUT I'm planning on staying for many years. As another poster stated, for a detached house in Reigate...it's not a bad price!!! I have only a 50% mortgage and plenty in the bank. Job...what job? Trust me I'm ok for money! Take a chill pill guys..........As I said I hated renting, in Redhill the chav area!!! Redhill and Reigate may not be far apart in terms of distance, but just walk around both towns to see the difference.
  9. First post, long time viewer!! I've had enough, enough of waiting and waiting. I sold July last year (probably the top) convinced the girlfriend to sell at the same time. Both got fantastic prices for both properties!! We have rented for a year and a bit.....and bl00dy hate it. SO we have decided to buy now. This property in Reigate Surrey was on for £495k we put in a bid.....after finding out the seller was having a hard time with his business A couple of offers later and £380k was agreed for a very nice 4 bed detached house. Yes it may go down further BUT I DONT CARE!!! As we got good money from our last properties we don't mind taking a hit.......as long as we are not renting!! Funny thing is the property I sold (£250k) last July is back on for £220k Personally I wouldn't pay more that £180k Why am I telling you this in my first post?? Well first to say thankyou for making me sell last year and making me more informed. BUT also I don't believe most property will fall more than 30%...if that. And for desirable areas like Reigate (most of it anyway) I don't think it will even drop that much at all.
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