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  1. Bournemouth is very nice but suffering from too many wannabee WAGS and has even worse job prospects. I tried to stay living in Bournemouth but could get much better prospects elsewhere
  2. Yeah its a home and next door have 3 kids in theirs so at least we know we could stay in this house as long as is needed. We were actually saying that about upgrading easier in the future so even if we lose money on this hopefully it will cost less for our next house. In the meantime we are overpaying 500 a month so that hopefully that will bring our LTV even further down for remortgaging in 2010. As for Southampton, i was trying to make the point its not exactly a bustling business hub like many other places in the South and that the job prospects for more professional work is not that good
  3. Doesnt surprise me about Southampton, its an awful place and job prospects are low. I would not say it was part of the booming south thats for sure! Feel sorry for those people though its personal responsibility at the end of the day. We bought last year (so pretty much top of the market) after coming on here for years but we bought a 3 bed semi with garage and can afford it one salary which is why we gave up waiting and bought and besides to rent this house was more than the interest on a mortgage. So we are gonna get royally screwed in the crash but at least we knew what we were getting our
  4. For all those who blame the other FTBers and the BTLers and everyone for pushing up prices stop and look rationally. I have realised that people don't make decisions for the greater good of society, they make it based on their own circumstances. I put off buying for ages and too got annoyed that others were still buying and that if i did buy that i would end up paying more than what they paid for it but at the end of the day all you can control is your own situation. Those people even the evil BTLers only bought as it made a good investment for them, had this been removed and not actively enco
  5. Where do you live as i cannot see that with a combined income of that you would stuggle on normal multiples. Have you had a house before or is your first house going to be this house
  6. Haha nope just saying that most of my mates are on pretty good salaries and so must there be other people that can still afford to buy! In answer to the other question some of these friends i worked with in the same role so i know the salaries roughly, based upon my salary which is below market rate and my husbands which arent overly impressive so i thought and in some instances seeeing their salary when work screwed up and sent a spreadsheet out with everyone's salary. True they are not all recession proof jobs but there is a dentist in there as well as an surgical nurse. Many of these apart
  7. Well all i am trying to say is if you cant understand whose buying i was seeking to demonstrate that there are still people able to afford things pretty easily. As i said not the couple with the 4 bed house but everyone else i know has managed to buy at least a 2 bed as their first home as wages round here are good
  8. Well actually they had a 2 bed house and sold it having about 60k in equity and a 20 k redundancy payment. They bought a 4 bed detached with double garage for 335 last year. True they can't afford it and are banking on the grandparents dying and they are idiots in my opinion as they have said they worry when they come off their fixed rate but doesnt stop them buying new cars and a 10k kitchen. To be honest idiiots like this deserve to be rogered. The house is in Basingstoke which is a big commuter town as well as having many multinational headquarters. Everyone else i know is much more sensib
  9. I live in the South East and all my friends work in offices, some have been to uni, others have a middle of the road office job and i can honestly say that these massive multiples taht have been spoken about on this site do not apply to a lot of people i know. Even the lowest income couple is on about 50k a year and granted they would lose 20k if the woman gave up work but ironically they are the only ones to have a 5 times multiple just because they wanted a flashy house that they can show off with. All my other friends have around a 80 k a year income and they have gone for 2 times their sal
  10. I too joined this site a couple of years ago and was convinced that house prices would crash and waited and waited until i got to the point where i thought lets see what we can buy on one of our salary's and if its something we can stay in then why not! We moved in a month ago and i couldnt be happier, we have a nice 3 bed with large drive and garage. I guess it was slighty different for us in that we could afford to buy but we waited to see if they dropped and they didnt so consequently we ended up paying more for it but hey ho you live and learn. The house next door but one ended up selling
  11. Jeez people need to get some perspective then!
  12. To be honest, i dont know why people are panicking to sell before HIPS as around here all the EA's will do it for you if you sell your house with them and they just take it out of the comission. Therefore no upright laying out of money (though how a few hundred quid puts people off with loads of equity i dont know) and so not much difference from before.
  13. I am a housing bear but have got fed up of waiting in the end as though we live the South East only 45 mins from Waterloo we decided that we wanted a home and to be honest we could afford it even on one salary so i thought why risk it going up further when we could buy quite comfortably. I actually know quite a few people in similar situations who have done this recently and i also agree with the posters who have stated that 2007 may not be the year! Believe it or not i dont want prices to keep rocketing up as i dont think that helps society in general but there are many late 20's, early 30s
  14. No worries, there are people on here who will give you intelligent posts relating to your predictament whether its buy or not but others will just get annoyed at you for buying. As i said i have been a bear and have waited and then we found a house we could afford which if we had to we could stay in so we bought. That was always my criteria as its primarily a home.
  15. No, i appreciate seeing both sides of the coin and making any decisions armed with all the facts. As for negative equity we had quite a large deposit to put down and our plan is to overpay in the first 3 years to bring down that compound interest and overall capital so we are doing our best to protect ourselves from that. In Basingstoke to rent the same house we are looking at around 1000 a month anyway which is pretty much what we will be paying in mortgage.
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