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  1. Is this article supposed to be written in English? ok the version from the ft - available at: https://www.businessfast.co.uk/london-landlords-feel-the-burden-of-buy-to-lets/ makes more sense
  2. I guess they think that increasing use of electric cars will resut in lower noise levels - and that justifies the recent increase in asking price.
  3. Is it not the case that only the gain on his 'principal private residence' is tax free? CGT is payable on the gains on the other two houses.
  4. Interesting - I am vaguely looking on behalf of my M-in-L. She is still in the house in which she raised my wife (and siblings) since 1963 and it is too big. Unfortunately, the sheltered accommodation near her is way more expensive than these two.
  5. I had not heard of the Ooni ovens before. Are they electric or run on propane. How long do they take to heat up - and therefore what is the cost of fuel? (Presumably less than £1 per occasion - but is the cost closer 5 pence or 50 pence?)
  6. Yes - I agree the situation is not as bad now - but I think the map purports to show what the situation might be by 2050 - i.e. below annual flood level. If we are talking about the same Southsea Common (50.78399N , 1.094735W), then Google Earth reports its height above sea level as 4 feet. Similarly, Boston, Lincs is shown as having an elevation of 24 feet. I think the map is saying that with a bit of sea level rise and an occasional storm, these places could be in big trouble. Certainly, I would not wish to buy anywhere that is in the red zone - though in many places, it would
  7. She bought the flat in 2019. Grenfell was June 2017. Even though the enquiry into the disaster was not complete by time of purchase a considerable amount of evidence was public that there was a problem with the cladding - and professionals holding themselves out as experts at valuations can reasonably be expected to know more than the public about the dangers. I wonder why she does not have a claim against the professionals involved in the purchase (mortgage lenders, estate agents, valuers, surveyors) - who doubtless were happy to charge much dosh - for their expertise and advice.
  8. Congratulations. I hope you and yours will be happy in your new abode - away from concerns with landlords. All the best BoH
  9. https://coastal.climatecentral.org/map/14/-2.9738/51.3247/?theme=sea_level_rise&map_type=coastal_dem_comparison&basemap=roadmap&contiguous=true&elevation_model=srtm&forecast_year=2050&pathway=rcp45&percentile=p50&refresh=true&return_level=return_level_1&slr_model=kopp_2014
  10. Too true - "Moving is upsetting. People get upset"
  11. Could be a very valuable on-the-coast house soon. (But stil above sea level
  12. I like the way the big folding doors to the garden look when they are open. But I do wonder, how many days (hours) a year are there that would warrant having them open?
  13. She completed the purchase in April 2019. Grenfell fire was June 2017. I know the enquiry was not complete by April 2019, but it was clear what the main was. I wonder why the professionals, without whom she could not have bought the flat, are not held - at least in part - responsible for her losses.
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