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  1. I have seen this type of listing many times before. Usually they are repossessed and the bank advertises the best offer then says it will proceed with the sale unless it receives a better offer within 14 days. The wording in this listing is very different. If that was my offer I would not proceed/waste any money until the wording of this listing was changed or withdrawn.
  2. PropertyBee does not appear to work on the new PN website.
  3. Also from Belfast Telegraph today : Business soapbox: David Menary ( EA at BTWCairns) http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/business/business-news/business-soapbox-david-menary-16006114.html "Prior to 2007, house prices generally grew at a steady annual rate of say 3-5%." Seriously David! Must be typo, surely he meant 35% "The steady decline in house prices since mid-2007 is the result of the property bubble bursting, the impact of which has been felt across the board." Not sure many people would call it a steady decline. "Vendors and purchasers might well ask when the decline is going to end and our company is of the opinion that prices are starting to bottom out in many areas. " So BTW calls bottom of the market "in many areas". That's 2 positive spin stories on the housing market in today's BT.
  4. He might have thought that you were not serious, but what a pathetic way for a salesman to behave. Could not be bothered, did not try to engage you or ask you any further questions to see if you were serious about renting. S S : not so much " EA filtered out one more time waster" but rather EA could not be bothered.
  5. Their TV ad ends with : "Our team searches so you don't have to" , not true, in my experience over the last 18 months. Osborne house has been sitting for ages and slowly reducing. A similar house directly opposite to this house is 170K cheaper !
  6. We have just finished the mortgage process. It took us 12 working days to get the mortgage approved from when all the stuff went off, and then a further week to arrange the survey. This was with a very straight forward mortgage application with all the correct paperwork submitted with the application. So, I wouldn't worry too much yet.
  7. Remember Viz magazine? That sounds like one of their "Top Tips"!
  8. This house was originally listed at £1.65m in October 2009. It was reduced to £625k on Friday ( says POA, but listing has changed on PN and is now between 2 houses at £625K). How did this estate agent think it was ever worth near £1.65M, some people rely on EA's to at least give an idea of what a property is worth. This is just pathetic, shame on this EA! http://www.propertynews.com/brochure.php?r=1&c=1&s=106783735&i=0&p=TRLTRL56655&fp=1&sort=h2l
  9. At least Samuel Dickey from Gerry O'Corror's is being realistic about what lies ahead.
  10. It is very common at present to get an offer refused as there seems to be a new wave of denial regarding asking prices. However it does not make sense to offer a lot less than before just because they refused your initial offer, unless you think that the market has continued to fall and you initial offer is now unrealistic. We have offered on several properties and have been refused, they are all still for sale. We would not offer the same as we did on the houses that we did on a year ago, as prices were higher and choice more limited then. We would still take the recent ones at our original offers. I would suggest that if the house has been on for a year and yours is the highest offer, you should forget about it and look elsewhere, as the vendor will usually be too stubborn to accept.
  11. The current differences in Property News prices pretty much reflects the listing or last updating dates. If they have been sitting at that price for more than 12 mths, particularly in the resale market then there is something wrong with the price. A newer listing coming on will more likely to be closer to the price that is selling at the moment. This is not true in BT9 at the moment. Most newer properties are still coming on at the usual unrealistic prices, and don't seem to be selling. Denial has been fed by recent media reports of price increases over the last few months.
  12. I notice that No.20 was also for rent and has gone "let agreed" for £1000/month. Better to rent it out and increase the asking price, everything will be better in 6 months!
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