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  1. This guy Jimmy Johnson is one crazy mofo and he means business with a capital B. I had a meeting with him at Mcdonalds in the new Denver Airport. Right opposite one of them scary pictures. He was interested in a few of our R&D products we were touting at the time. Specifically a presumably innocuous dill pickle, that once mixed with Big Mac relish and saliva from obese yanks, would upon consumption turn radioactive and blow the fu ckers eating it head clean off. Another product he liked was our exploding Barbie heads which would go off if touched by a Jew child or within 3 metres of the Jew target. Our version of the classic Sea monkeys which when dropped in water would then run up the c0ck of an unsuspecting male then proceed to chew it off at the root. We didn't end up selling him anything in the end as our stuff was a bit out of his price range. Although he has recently got back in touch now that his mate Tiger Woods has got some sponsorship money back.
  2. He's French let him deal with it. I'd have a word with your daughter though.
  3. Is there really any need for a school in Swansea? Seems like such a waste of resources.
  4. Maybe the Germans and Italians are having less babies because they realise their women are a bit on the hairy side and once they've calfed out they become fat round shouldered biffa's. The A-rabs on the other hand don't seem to mind having hairy birds as it reminds them of the time they were ******ed by there Uncle and his tickly beard. Hence more muslims.
  5. What you've gotta do here is work out the fit bird ratio to the pound. Say your spending 200k in London and maybe 5 fit birds walk past your flat an hour. This works out at 200k divided by 25 years (25yr mortgage) equals 8000 divide this by 365 (days) equals 21.9 then divide this by 24 (hrs in a day) which gives you 0.91p. Lets call it a round pound. So each fit bird in London is costing you roughly 20p. Work this out for your desired location and see which birds are the better value.
  6. They upped mine (MBNA ) from 7500 to 9000 then up to 11000 just before Christmas. I pay it off every month too.
  7. I wouldn't of read all that boll0x. I'd have opened the envelope opened the card to drop the money out. Quickly scanned the bottom to see who it was from. Then ******ed off down the pub with my mates with the said money to get wan kered. Who the ****** writes that kind of shite in a 21st birthday card.
  8. I would sell the house and with some of the winnings get your Dad a sex change operation in Bangkok. I would then pimp him out to Wayne Rooney and his pals for no holes barred weekend fun. Stick a hidden camera in one of his false tits then sell the story for a few quid to NOTW. With this money you could then buy a new house in a nice area. Plus you won't have to put up with anymore wicked stepmums as your Dad is now your MUm.
  9. Get yourself down to wickes or homebase and buy a tenners worth of little tester paints then paint the stairs and bannisters like a fuc king rainbow. You won't get your deposit back but at least you'll know the thieving fu cker will have to paint over it.
  10. Keep sticking your d!ck into the bag of planters peanuts.
  11. Thanks that's cheered me up no end. I wondered how long their dumb****** supporters would continue selling their granny's gold and kids toys to go and watch their *****y overpaid puffs kick a p!ssbag of pork around.
  12. Mummy mummy. I want a house and I want it NOW.
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