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  1. The proton became a kind of cult car amongst my friends. Everyone had their new motors but I had this terrible silver thing with moss growing on it but it seemed to be popular. Strange. So bad yet so good.
  2. Exactly. I took the Proton to the garage once and I called it a piece of crap but the mechanic said don't say that. He thought they were great because they were dead easy to service and repair. I think they are based on older Japanese technology hence the reliability but none of the swish stuff. I have to say I've downgraded recently. I had a company Lexus but seeing as I only drove 5 miles a day, I've swapped it for a Ford Fiesta. I liked the Lexus especially the stereo but it didn't make sense unless you were bothered about image (which I'm not - I used to drive the Proton so any street cre
  3. Yes, you are right. My mum has a proton that she bought 10 years ago. It's still going strong with no problems whatsoever. No street cred but it gets her from A to B cheaply and reliably and as a result she thinks it's the bees knees. She's Malaysian and these are things which are more important to them than image etc. I was in a local taxi cab which was the same model and he had 200,000 miles on the clock and he said he's only ever had to have a new clutch!
  4. I read those comments and then wonder why they all vote for labour if they think they are paying too much tax.
  5. I think most of you have misinterpreted what Marion Bell said. I read it as a warning to everyone who thinks the interest rates are going to come down now since the consumer spending figures last month were bad. I think she was hinting that the rates could still go up as their only mandate is the 2% inflation target. They are looking about 2 years into the future and there are many factors other than high street spending that may impact on inflation hence it is wrong to assume anything.
  6. Me too. Didn't do Ofcom though. It said I should send to the TV channel first.
  7. I was quite amazed they managed to turn the really negative rightmove report into positive news. Unbelievable.
  8. Hello, Have a look at this link. They took one of the delapidated houses that Prescott plans to demolish and did it up for £24,000. Apparently the cost of demolishing one is £18,000. The overall cost of Prescott's plans is £100,000 per house ie to demolish and then build a new one. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/main.jhtml...6/ixportal.html
  9. It appears I started this thing about Oz yesterday. Yes, I have been to Sydney and I have friends and family there. None of them have said they have been tempted to return to the UK yet! They absolutely love it so I am not completely convinced by the arguments that it isn't that good. It's a lifestyle choice and I loved their's. In fact, I found the ozzies extremely friendly and happy, much more so than in the UK. I put it down to the fantastic weather. As I said before, I don't think the house prices are an issue for someone going over on a visa as they cannot buy a house in Oz without perma
  10. I plan to emigrate to Sydney next year as I'm totally fed up with this country. Someone mentioned earlier about buying a house in Oz. I think I am right in saying that you cannot buy a house until you have full residency - a visa is no good. I figure that if I cannot afford a house in the UK I might as well go somewhere fantastic and not be able to afford one there instead but live a far better life. I have been told it's very difficult to return to the UK though once you've gone because of the differences in the cost of living/salaries.
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