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  1. I checked with him and unless there is another apartment management company on University street then it is the same one. He is really worried now that they might not get any money they are owed and is trying to change as soon as possible. What is the company that you moved to?
  2. I googled and used yell, but it didnt narrow it down to much. I am going to check with my friend who the company managing his development is.
  3. A friend of mine lives in an apartment and he says his management company are completely useless. Nothing is ever done, they never respond to calls. Loads of people in his block feel the same and they are thinking about moving. Having read that I might tell him to hurry up! wonder is it the same company?? who have you got in now? how do you know they are any better??
  4. So by the logic of looking at the trend and assuming it will continue in that direction, presumably in 2006 you were predicting further record growth? Far, far too simplistic.
  5. BTW, the joke of saying something controversial followed by 'alledgedly' is really, really old and has now become very aggravating. 'Have I Got News For You' deliberately killed the joke off about 10 years ago, but I can see it is alive and well on here. Following it with a wee smiley or winky face just makes it more annoying. Sorry about the rant. I am having a grumpy day. Allegedly.
  6. He doesn't have any idea. He knows nothing about our local property market. You can tell from his comments about the BT that he gets all his NI information from reading this forum, which is hardly a balanced view.
  7. Well, that's settled then. Case closed.
  8. Dont be such a patronising *rse. Just because someone disagrees with you, dont imply that they are stupid. It is unbecoming. You dont know me, who I am or what I do. Chances are I know a lot more about it than you do.
  9. Come on, he was wrong. If a VI had got it wrong and then come up with that excuse you would all be shouting about spin. Let's judge everyone equally and stop being so myopic, shall we?
  10. Yeah, nobody would listen. They all seem to worship him in a frankly worrying way. Wouldn't take much for him to start a cult, I reckon.
  11. That is *precisely* what I am saying. It should be pointed out to them at a later date if they turn out to be totally wrong. Like if you predict a 30% crash a year ago, then come on saying it will actually be more. Like if you predict a crash in 2002 and prices go on to rise several hundred percent,. This should absolutely be pointed out to FP but it *never* is. Never. How is this different from the EA predicting a recovery now or even last year when it actually happens in 2010? We all know there will be a recovery at some point, an EA predicting it now is only wrong in the timing. Just like FP. I am telling you, he should not be the spokesman for people like us.
  12. So FP was out by 4 years and a few hundred % or so in his advice and is forgiven because it is hard to predict. If the EA says the market has bottomed out and price falls go on for another year you are already getting ready to crucify him by saying things like 'he has drawn a line in the sand'. I think we should have a bit of fairness and stop fawning all over FP like he is some kind of celebrity Nostradamus - he isnt that great.
  13. I am as big a bear as anyone, but I was surprised that a couple of comments last night went unchallenged: A woman in the audience said the average salary here was 'a quarter' of what it is in the UK. That cant be right and people making incorrect statements like that should be pulled up. The other thing is that FP said he had been advising clients to get out of property 'for a couple of years'. Has he not been advising that for about 6 years? Was that good advice? I am not really his biggest fan, and he seems more interested in getting on TV by being a professional doom-monger than being accurate and accountable. Last year he was on saying that prices would fall 30% here - now they have done that he is on again saying they will fall another 30%. So he was wrong last year, and he was wrong 6 years ago, yet he is promoting himself as the only person who has got it right over the last few years. One day he will be challenged on this rather than just being a one dimensional gloomy charicature he has allowed himself to become.
  14. Prejudice? I was only pointing out your stupidity, not trying to make a political point. I cant even work out which 'side' you think I am prejudiced against. Anyway, keep up the good work.
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