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  1. i wont ague with u on that u can get it on xbox 360
  2. ea have come a long way, they are more or less monopolizing the market. they have improved fifa dramatically in their upcoming release in a few weeks, and dare i say... it is actually now a worthy competitior to pro evo i hope my bunker has a wifi signal so i can continue my cod4 sessons
  3. but surely more and more people will be renting soon
  4. where do these bastids live? im gonna knock on their door with a cream pie in my hand
  5. big reductions are coming off city centre apartments etc, these are the percentage examples people are using i dont see houses in nice (not too urban, not too rural) areas coming down that much, not in the next 18 months anyway just my thoughts, hope im wrong
  6. dont russia have a lot of money invested in iran?
  7. half... whoa is that half the value of the house if i bought it today or in some other context u guys use im a newbie, go easy
  8. everyone else blowing this stuff out of proportion, why cant i?
  9. great news as i have a shared investment in a apartment in larnaca, we bought 1 year ago.... 2 mins from the sea and 10 mins from the new marina being built i have not yet been there but i was told from holiday makers that there is a lot of development, i mean a lot, which is concerning in a way as they may stay empty bringing the prices down cant wait for the budget flights
  10. burn em all down! might head out in jesmont this weekend, aint been there in a while
  11. detached 3 bedder in nice area... one of the best spots on the site (enclosed at the end of the culdesac, south facing) if i dont buy it somebody else will i got first dips
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