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  1. Now on at 250,000! http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-41246372.html
  2. Where are you getting this junk information from???? Please enlighten us all.
  3. Hereford is such a dump for youngsters- i feel so sorry for them. Despite being a tiny town there is a high level of drugs and alcohol use; combine that with a high neets level and we have a lethal mix for crime. Any suggestions as to what can be done to intervene? Anyway, more relevant is the housing mix: as an outsider, buy at your peril. You really need to do a lot of research as the good stuff rarely hits the market and there are not that many nice areas to buy in. Hope I'm not talking a load of rubbish and I'm happy to be corrected by others in the know.
  4. ['BlueRat' timestamp Some haircuts in B92: http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-25533598.html etc, etc. NICE!
  5. [http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-22821604.html Oh Dear!! This one started at £725,000 last year!! It's on mouseprice.
  6. I was in Bartestree, midweek. Due to go back there for a conference this week. Nice village/outskirt of Hereford, but God, is it dead. Going running is a death hazard as there are no pavements. Whenever I cut through fields, I was convinced a farmer would try and shoot me. Cars race around those lanes like death's a chasing. Don't blame them, I'd try and drive through Hereford and it's surrounds as quickly as possible. I'm sorry if I sound insulting- please take it all with a pinch of salt. I live in the south-east and apart from stimulating activities such as the cinema, theatre, commun
  7. http://www.mouseprice.com/property-for-sale/ref-873772/203406792/Tower-Road-ERDINGTON-Birmingham-2-bed-Flat-B23 2 bed flat in Tower Road (a relatively new development), Erdington, Birmingham, now on offer at 99,950. In 2007, 2 bed apartments at this development were being marketed between 136000-160000. I'm really beginning to believe there is a significant hpc. Living in the South East really skews one's understanding of what's going on in the UK as a whole.. Anyone know when mouseprice started collating data? Cheers
  8. Oh dear! http://www.mouseprice.com/property-for-sale/ref-4165558/203257169/Ildersly-Grove-London-SE21-5-bed-Semi-D-SE21 A drop from 835,000 to 735,000 in the space of 5 months! Still way overpriced in my humble opinion.- for God's sake, it's still a terrace/semi.
  9. I was just busy doing my usual Wednesday evening HPC.co.uk fix and noticed that very few (ie no) Brummies are posting what's happening in there areas. After all, wasn't the city centre being inundated with new -build slave boxes, which were not selling?? Calling all Brummies! I'd love to hear what's happening
  10. Yep. Couldn't agree more. Shite hill it is. The only thing going for it is the Horniman.
  11. Still LUDICROUS in west dulwich. Can't see any HPC this end of the world. Maybe when the schools resume and parents have a chance to reflect???!!!! Please? Yes? Oh please yes!!
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