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  1. For a frozen sandwich tinned salmon is good. Sister used to make a week's worth and used Gold spread - a long time ago it was 30p a 500g tub. Take sandwich out in the morning and it's defrosted by lunchtime.
  2. Tinned tomatoes - buy the cheapest plum tomatoes and give them a quick whiz with a blender if you want to use them for soups and sauces. If you find them a little bit sour add a very small amount of sugar.
  3. About shower gel. You'll find an open lid symbol on the back of the pack with a 12 in it, meaning it should last for 12 months once opened. I have some that's been opened well over 2 years ago, used some today and it's fine. I have more that I bought years ago and I expect it will be fine when I get round to opening it a year or more from now. There was a time when Tesco would pay you to take stuff away (lots of Tesco coupons for money off toiletries and baby stuff) and give you tons of points at the same time.
  4. You are kidding aren't you? I walked into the Oxford Street branch last year and noticed a second hand jewelery counter, and I said 'John Lewis is a dump'. You do get the odd snooty sales assistant. And when I bought a small electrical appliance last year, we had to go downstairs and queue up to get it, just like *ing Argos. I buy things there when I can get a better guarantee for the same price as other places.
  5. Yes. He's the only one I recognise. I know there are more. Does anyone know who the others are?
  6. I discovered last year that at my local library I can lend a whole season boxed set for £1 for a week.
  7. Thanks Bloo Loo, will do that - I assume the 7 day letter means 'pay up in 7 days or else.' I don't expect them to, they have taken 3 - 5 weeks to reply to the last 2 things I sent them. So it looks like the small claims court then. And I'll ring the bank tomorrow and ask if they can make it so that the account is not allowed to become overdrawn.
  8. I thought I was doing the right thing, leaving the minimum possible amount in my current account in case of theft or fraud. I still do, and I need to do something more. 4 months ago I went to SkyCard's website to made a payment of £2000 as their 0% offer was coming to an end. A week or so later, SkyCard took another £2000 from my account which I didn't have, leaving it overdrawn by £1700+, and direct debits not being paid. They said they'd made a mistake and the money was returned to my account a couple of weeks later. SkyCard still haven't paid me any of the bank charges which came to over £200 even though I've twice sent them copies of my bank statements. They say there is not enough evidence. I think they are stalling and hoping I'll give up. I will never again make a payment to a credit card via their website, I just log in to my online bank account and pay from there.
  9. Frank8, I have 2 Abbey accounts, an instant saver and a current account. Yesterday I went into the branch and asked to withdraw £700. I was told that I could only get £500 over the counter and up to an additional £300 from the cash machine. This was all from my current account. In May, I went into the branch and was able to withdraw £1000 from my instant saver over the counter. I'm not sure if there are now restirctions on over the counter withdrawls.
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