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  1. So what happened to the so-called investigation and prosecutions back then? And given that this info was in the public domain, how did the whole bandwagon keep rolling on for another 5 years? Rotten right to the top, obviously :angry:
  2. Lot 80 just sold for 132,000 - previously sold in Sept 06 for 159,500. Looked like a new build in 06.
  3. Just caught some new property porn on the BBC - Open House. Premise being that seller wants to get more than the estate agent's suggested price by tarting place up and having a champagne open day with seal bids. This one attracted NOT ONE visitor to the open day. Amazingly the BBC still screened it. A good sign?
  4. Oh - you mean those people who've lived there 20-odd years, brought up families there and are now being facing compulsory purchase to make way for t88ts who want chimey pot house and herb gardens at 140k a throw? Tossers :angry:
  5. Just when you thought this cr*p couldn't get any worse ... they get some woman on talking about teapots and the stupid presenters trying 'em out for best pouring action... I@m outta here
  6. Couldn't agree more, MT. I felt incredibly sorry for the couple who lost the council house they had happily lived in and brought up a family for 20 years. OK, so they were naiive to think they could afford to buy - but that was precisely the thing that some b***tard mortgage broker took advantage of. They tried to "beter themselves" which is a natural human instinct, and ended up shafted. I don't think it behoves any of us to sneer at their misfortune. I am just incredibly angry at the vile, corrupt financial services industry that has skewed the housing market and ruined so ma
  7. I think the comment about the water-pipe feature being used as a coat hanger was the most gob-smacking thing I have heard. It would apprently be a "talking point" For those without a life perhaps...
  8. Same circs but 13 years older at 52 The oldest FTB in town perhaps?
  9. They won't be buying shoes once the mortgage starts to kick in....
  10. But what's this .... not a Boomer among 'em!
  11. The flat I lived in was over an estate agents (!) Very quiet as neighbours and kept regular 9-5 hours. However, without any need for change of use, the place was taken over by a gang of hairdressers. Result - constant stink of chemicals, thud of loud pop music 12-14 hours a day, and the back courtyard taken over as smoking area for shreiking tarts. A complete nightmare - so thank god I was only renting it and could scarper fast.
  12. Bought in late 1988 and wanted to move early 90s but house had lost about 30% of the price we bought for. - £69,500 Eventually sold in late 1997 for £72,000 ... which didn't remotely cover the costs of the work done on the house . Thus, you could say we were merely renting for 9 years - but improving the place cost-free for the landlord!
  13. Fault? Unfortunately life is not just a matter of demographics, "opportunities" and the whims of politicians. It also gets affected by such unforseens such as divorce, job losses and - shock horror - falling house prices! A boomer who bought in 1989 saw the value of their home fall - and some even found themselves in negative equity for 8 years. But of course you don't want to hear that do you. So OK, it was all wonderful for the boomers and we just p*ssed it up the wall. Happy now?
  14. OH GOD ... please not another diatribe against the Boomers. WE ARE NOT ALL ROLLING IN IT!
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