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  1. Yes, he usually has very sensible views. I always used to read his weekly FT column. A proponent of Narrow Baking: separating the utility from the casino.
  2. His paper is worth a read. Prof Werner documents exactly what happens when he takes out a real 200k Euro loan from a small German bank. Can banks individually create money out of nothing? — The theories and the empirical evidence https://eprints.soton.ac.uk/372866/
  3. I remember my Dad installing phone sockets in our house in the 1980s himself. Sometime later, we returned a hired phone to which he'd added a connector. The woman in the post office or where ever it was went completely ballistic.
  4. The basic idea behind micro CHP is sound: use the waste heat from local electricity generation to heat your house. I'd say the disadvantages are the complexity of the plant, and the small scale -- which generally reduces the efficiency of heat engines, and the fact that perhaps you don't want to generate much heat in the summer. If you compare getting your heat and electrical power from a micro CHP, versus electricity generated in a large combined cycle gas power station -- or even one which supplies heat to an industrial process, where your heating needs being supplied by independently burning gas, say, then I doubt micro CHP is worth it.
  5. This whole thing is embarrassing. BNFL (UK government owned) sold Westinghouse Electric in 2005. What's left of the various consortia which designed and built the existing UK nuclear power stations are now part of amec -- a decent UK engineering company.
  6. Pity BNFL sold Westinghouse. However, should the will have been there, a UK company like AMEC in a consortium with, say, Westinghouse and Alstom, could still do it. As they did for Sizewell B not so long ago.
  7. The actual fuel in a Thorium reactor would always be Uranium, (U-233). Rubbia's accelerator driven sub-critical/ Energy Amplifier is a promising idea, and would avoid the production of so much Plutonium.
  8. The old five nuclear construction consortia were folded into together in the 1970s, what's left is now part of AMEC. I'd say, they could still lead a project like this, should the will have been there. We could even have gone with a UK owned reactor vendor, if BNFL hadn't sold Westinghouse. Sheffield Forgemasters could (and may?) manufacture components for the plant. Still, I agree, terrible shame.
  9. Right, it will be fuelled with low-enriched Uranium.
  10. It's pretty interesting that the main system-on-chip in the iPhone is manufactured in Texas by Samsung.
  11. -- only talks sense when he's drunk, strangled by his political partner.
  12. I agree with you on this. I've studied at 3 universities, a low-to-middle-ranked one, a Russel Group, and Oxford. The noise (mostly nonstop pointless phone calls) in the library at the redbrick university I was at two years ago was outrageous.
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