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  1. Lets not forget that if the BOE's remit is not followed then the curency value will drop which will mean the cheap goods which have counter-balenced low inflation will go up, we then start 'importing inflation'
  2. This is good!! Brownfield re-development will save some of the greenbelt, what is wrong with that? It also quickly and easily increases the supply side of housing, which economically will reduce prices. I have said before the word 'Flat' will be very dirty soon as people (BTLers) get burned by flooded a market.
  3. QUOTE We've finally had an offer on the house, dont get to excited as we've refused it. It was for 10k less than the asking price ( bear in mind that we've also dropped the house price by 10k) so we said NO ! she then went up another 3k & we said no again. I know we're desperate but not that desperate, I'm not going to give my house away, especially to her as I know she can afford it Three Months from Now.... Oh, if only, if only, our dream life is finished we will not be able to afford to leave the UK, as I look back how arrogant were we, we didn't even earn the equity it just appeared, and now its gone. I do hope Dr Bubbs demographic bomb doesn't go off we are already going to have to wait 18 years for another boom!!!
  4. All HPCers need SIPPs either throughly debunked on prime time TV or SIPP's scrapped. Market sentiment is that SIPPs will cause another boom, this will cause sellers to hold off either selling or putting prices down.
  5. The average pension pot in the UK is 30K, under SIPPs you can borrow 50% and buya house so the average house amount would be 45K, what will that buy? I however have spoken to people who are getting SIPP's and planning to buy houses thinking that the 50% rule has not been fully set.
  6. Red Baron Are you saying that buying now would be good then for an STR before deflation destroys the deposit?
  7. IR's 4.5% - 5.0% Average House Price £144K - £150K This opinion is based on no further government intereference or changes to taxes or duties
  8. Does anyone know what rightmove will report Monday? I am not intetested in page visits but average prices..
  9. What about those people looking to affirm their recent purchases by checking new price. Because 'prices only go up' the lower price houses must be lower quality or lacking in view, or garden or mini halogeons.. 50 visits later the nasty truth may sink in!!!
  10. With regards to shops have you noticed a tendancy to move from shops to homes or garages or home offices?
  11. I consider the MPC if really independent has the following problems: Energy cost increases will take up to a year to fully feed through the economy, (for example a haulage company with a contract to deliver goods may have to take a short term hit but when it comes up to renewal time it will need to pass on higher cost or go bust) The target is 2% inflation it is currently 2.3% and set to hit 3% by next month. The counter balance to the inflation was low cost food and drink (the tesco effect) and cheap clothes and electricals from China. Tesco's cannot indefinately drill down costs as they will have no competition left and no solvent suppliers. The EU has stopped the flow of cheap goods to the EU. (Mandelson ect) Therefore with more factors driving inflation up and less driving down the MPC will have to put IR's back up.
  12. Answer me one question... Could you afford to pay your mortgage if interest rates returned to their average level for the last 25 years? This is 8.41% source BOE
  13. Always seems to be late if prices have fallen, so the gap between nationwide and Halifax is shorter..
  14. Anyone no anything further? Does anyone live in Poole??
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