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  1. I'm 31 and was born in London, but left when I was 25 because of living costs. I remember back in 2006 when I was working my first perm job after uni and talking about how house prices were crazy with my colleagues. Everyone agreed. Since then they have exploded! I was originally at home with my parents but desperately wanted my own space but didn't want to rent in London. I ended up getting a job in Reading on more money and rented a shit non purpose built ( and therefore noisy) flat that was very cheap. After 3 years in the shit flat, pay rises and plenty of saving, we found t
  2. My god. It's this kind of bigoted ignorance (shown by your insertion of the words "white English middle class" into the article) that is part of the problem. You think that because you are white and middle class that you deserve more than anyone else. You have a sense of entitlement and are part of the problem. You are entitled to nothing, just like everyone else. You probably walk down the street in London looking at non whites and assume that they are all migrants, and have in some way had a role in making you unhappy with your life. I myself am mixed race. Because I'm not white I'll bet
  3. I did. It was on the cork board in the main landing area of the flat. It got seen and it looks like it helped
  4. This situation is hilarious. Out of nowhere, the VIs and speculators have talked themselves into a property ramping frenzy. So suddenly, after a month or so of talking prices up, asking prices are up massively. Anecdotally, I see plenty of houses coming on at silly prices, only to get a minimum of 10% slashed off the asking price within a month. It is a new realm of delusion. The market still has so so few first time buyers. It's going nowhere.
  5. I think you mean abroad. If some sort of market shock happened somewhere in Asia, the whole London "Luxury" market would implode.
  6. Why does the government not realise that they can slash the social welfare bill by bringing the cost of renting down?
  7. How are you getting on in Reading mate? I lived there for 3 years in private rented. It was a nightmare. We tried to move twice and found the rental market was impossibly fast to keep up with. That and the biggest letting agents were crooks. Nothing else. It put us off the area totally.
  8. No Parking Needs at least £50k of work Priced at £459k Could only be London
  9. Got another viewing booked in for tomorrow and I'm busy making the place look terrible. We did just get some gold from the council through the post. The owners of the building directly opposite our flat have put in an application for planning permission of what must be a big development. The letter is inviting us to the consultation. I've put the letter on display in the kitchen! Hopefully it'll have an effect!
  10. Anyone got a graph of volumes of sales by region? I just cannot see where the money is coming from. With that in mind, the data outside of the South East must be totally skewed by a much lower volume of sales.
  11. Jesus Christ, I just read that whilst eating my lunch and I nearly wretched a few times. The bit about how he was discovered is gruesome. Don't read if you haven't got a strong stomach. So is anyone in the know about the EA's duty to reveal this information?
  12. My LL is selling our flat in Worcester and is getting nowhere with it. You can read about it here. http://www.housepricecrash.co.uk/forum/index.php?showtopic=191631&view=findpost&p=909369900 Asking prices in Worcester are a mess. They are totally inconsistent. It's almost like people don't know how to price at all and are just guessing. Some houses that are in need to £30k of work come on the market at £300k. Some near perfect houses come on at £200k. It's just bizarre. All listings end up being reduced at least once.
  13. Well, our LL originally promised me that they were only going to offer it to investors, but I knew that was b0llocks as she would just sell it to whoever would pay the most. The rightmove listing says nothing about it being an investment or having tenants. The photos they are also using are about 5 years old and do not accurately reflect the current state of the flat. Incidentally, my MIL was around last night and speculated that she might buy the flat. I told her I'd be able to help her to engineer a heavily discounted price! The company owners are my Landlord's husband and some other geeze
  14. Thought I'd give you guys an update. So in over a month our flat has only had 1 viewing. It looks like that whilst the papers are talking up house prices a lot at the moment, the situation on the ground is very different. There just aren't any first time buyers in our area, and they would be the target buyers of our flat. Some more background I found after doing some research: Our flat is owned by a company. The company also owns one other new built flat in a nearby city. The company has a fair bit of debt and has 4 outstanding loans. With that in mind, my guess is that these mortgages are
  15. They are just totally unprofessional. Don't forget it's an unskilled job that any muppet could do. To add: Our rented flat has been put up for sale by out Landlord. The estate agent charged with selling the flat phoned me last Friday: "Hello? Is that Mr Superted187?" "Yes it is. Who is calling?" "It's Sally from Bumhole estates. Just to let you know we've got a viewing booked in at your flat tomorrow at 2pm" "Errr no. Sorry. You should have given me more notice. I'm busy tomorrow." "That's fine, I've just had a message from Laura to call you, that's all" "What do you mean 'That's fine
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