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  1. one of my friend gave offer of 56,000 for a house up for sale on 100,000. Estate agents was laughing but when asked from seller he accepted the offer straight away.
  2. buyers are offering about 35% less than its actual value. it is buyer market. I have seen a huge difference of prices in the same street. one is up for 150,000 and next to it is for 99,000.
  3. whathome


    its about 3 weeks after christmas and i have seen only few porperties for sale.
  4. there will be many but i dont know if you heard about zaavi
  5. Todays news, next year the number of repossessed house will increase to 75,000. its very good for buyers.
  6. might be this link useful, there are few properties for rent in manchester http://propertytorent.whatahome.co.uk/tole...p?id=Manchester
  7. Anyone knows websites where i can find list of repossesed houses in northwest area.
  8. Estate agents saving their fees on not renewing thier subscription with rightmove this year. I have seen a number of estate agents increased on advertising on free sites.
  9. I am regularly looking for a house to buy and noticed only few to be sold in last 7-8 months. I gave offer for two houses which are rejected and the houses are still not sold. Now i can find similar houses of the offer price i given. So realistically if you want to sell, u have to keep few option open. Open for offers and if someone give a close offer then negotiate with it. or you can try in auction too but seen last auction in my area that only 4/14 houses sold in auction.
  10. are there any websites where i can view reposses house list for bradford area.
  11. whathome


    it's cheaper compare to bradford area
  12. Very cheap and area is not that bad. If i am a investor then i will consider this to buy for future profit. Please post here if there are any semi houses with that brilliant price. I am considering allerton area too and some semi houses which i am realy interested has been dropped their prices but still over from my budget.
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