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  1. You can offset it against your PAYE tax divided by as many years as required to offset the loss. I assume.
  2. How about running Remain vs No deal, 5 years after implementing No deal? A good compromise I would say and everyone would have a chance to know exactly what they would be voting for. That way we can keep up our pretence at democracy and the remainers would have their chance to re-join the EU. Not ideal of course and could be expensive, but that's a risk anyone should have thought about before holding such a referendum in the first place.
  3. I wish you were right, but I'm almost 100% sure that AI will ultimately lead to your enslavement rather than your freedom. I'd be very suspicious of AI if I didn't want to be like a lamb to the slaughter.
  4. This is the first thing posted on this thread that makes me think brexit might not be a good idea.
  5. Or to be more accurate, those who control us need the conflict to keep us under control. Without conflict we would soon reach the conclusion that we didn't need them.
  6. If the end result is a one world government then most of what has happened since that became the cabal agenda will be irrelevant. You'd need to have found the rabbit hole to see that. But I think you have if I remember some of your previous posts.
  7. In 50 years time brexit will be irrelevant. The world as we know it will be unrecognisable.
  8. As someone who believes that Brexit is just a bit of a distraction and will have little effect on the final outcome of the UK relationship to the rest of the world, I'd be interested to know why you think that the £40bn divorce bill has any relevance to the average person? If it were £500bn would it make a whole lot of difference? We are somewhere in the region of 2.0tn in debt so the government has interest to pay and any shortfall just gets added to the debt. If the final outcome is a One World Government all the debt will be cancelled anyway, unless of course we owe the money to some non human beings somewhere (which I doubt is the case).
  9. Strangely, I've worked for major subsea companies in Aberdeen and London for many years and none of the draffies in any of the companies I've worked for have ever turned up in a Porsche or other similar sports car. Loads of sports cars around of course but not belonging to draffies. Most of them are savers and more interested in paying off their house than having a flashy car.
  10. I'm already out because of these adverts. They really are making this site unusable and I think many have already left because of this and have gone to a site with no/minimal advertising.
  11. Not sure to what extent this has been discussed on this thread, but I recently had a thought that perhaps the EU would work better for the UK if we really were "All In" but (and this is the important bit) it would need to be some sort of United States of Europe and have the following commonalities: 1/ Everyone in the Euro 2/ National Debt belongs to the EU, not individual countries. 3/ HMRC replaced by Europe Tax Collection Agency with whatever adjustments necessary to be workable. 4/ Benefits paid from EU kitty (from the EU Tax Collection Agency) 5/ No particular reason for European citizens to congregate in one country 6/ Dismantling of individual parliaments. And at the same time might as well dismantle the military and have the Euro Army. As a leave voter, I could vote for this if it were ever on the table. But would the EU ever consider this? Is this where the EU finally wants to end up? If so then perhaps its mostly the "getting there" that's the problem (for me at least).
  12. Well I think what the video means is that "The Cabal" are in the process of making the world so unliveable that eventually the people will beg and plead with them to set up their One World Government and it'll be Orwell's 1984 here we come. I don't think he's laying the blame on any group or any religion. It will be as bad no matter whether you are Christian, Muslim, Hindu or Buddhist. Right now we are at the stage of poking the hornets nest and we're starting to open the front door of the house and the hornets are beginning to come in. Its very easy to pick the politicians we hate, especially with Brexit going on, but in reality they are no worse than what we've been subjected too for the past twenty years IMHO. Its just all come to a head now. Yes the battle between the two tribes is stupid because ultimately we mostly all want the same. What's the point in hating anyone really unless they genuinely mean you harm. I don't even buy the anti muslim propaganda coming from some sources any more because I realise that by the time their population exceeds ours in Europe/UK, they will want to keep things just as they are. TBH I never met a Muslim I didn't like and have worked with quite a few. Same with Indians & Polish. French can occasionally be challenging but of the few nutters I've come across in the work place who behave unacceptably, they've been British (but very much a minority are like this). The tribes you are talking about are different though and are split by how they voted in the referendum. This could be harder to solve, but I don't feel there's much hate coming from the leave voters. Of course this is expected under the circumstances, but I wish there was a better understanding between the two. I personally would welcome a 2nd vote as this would give the opportunity to make a deal with the EU where they can understand our problems a work through them with us. I've seen enough youtube video's of the EU parliament to see that that's what they want too. We've made our point and it's a very good one so now a second ref is what is needed. I don't mean one that will just be won by leave again (which I strongly believe it would be unless we get a good deal to stay), but one that would be won by Remain. Blair & co need to stay right out of it too as they will jut be all threats and bullying again, probably. Of course this still doesn't solve the main problem that we both know exists. How do we get back to where a fairly normal working person can buy a house? It's almost impossible to comprehend how that could come about without the destruction of civilisation as we know it. Likely that Ozzi guy's vision from the video will not produce the kind of destruction to bring about affordability, but more likely that we will all be little more than slaves. All of us! Even those who think they and their families are protected by their wealth.
  13. Jon. Is this part of the BS that now rules the world? If there's any truth in this then its a lot worse than I thought and hope it really is just TFH BS. If true then its the whole of Europe that needs to do an exit, not jus the UK. edit: And in this scenario I'm not suggesting it would be better to be out than in, although it might be.
  14. That's probably true. We are not armed like the Americans after all.
  15. But lets not forget that many voted leave because they're worried about work and/or houses.
  16. Your definition of left and my definition of left being nearly opposites perhaps.
  17. If you are left angled and I am left angled, how come we disagree on such a major issue?
  18. I think that's because its the perception of poverty/wealth that makes people react. A youngish person making 20k might actually think they're doing ok whereas someone 20 years older might be wondering why they still only make 20k when they were making 20k twenty years ago. There's nothing like being a bit older to be able to see what's really going on, when you figure out what you'll need to be making to be reasonably well off in your older years. It's amazing how many youngsters just assume they'll be rich by the time they reach a certain age with no plan on how they're going to do it. If there's no evidence of a "left behind" phenomenon then I would say the wrong questions were asked in the survey that came to that conclusion.
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