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  1. My company (large Global IT Consultancy) had the BEST year last year for a decade. Still, they have declared wage freezes and are unclear if any bonuses will be given. FY end was April. Lots of p1ssed off people... :angry:
  2. good exchange rate when buying Euros for that stag fest in Prague??
  3. It depends how important the flexibility of the current HSBC tracker is to you. Are you OK with a 10 year mortgage or are you hoping to pay it off earlier? If you have other investment choices for your potential surplus cash and you see your mortgage as a steady cost of living then go for the fixed deal. If you would like to pay as much as you can while the interest rates are still low then go for the tracker.
  4. Totally agree. Funny thing, I was planning to post a similar topic today, after I took yet another uncalled for beating yesterday. The old "how dare you imply an upward trend, you must be a troll" brigade... Funny thing that they don't freely attack a veteran or guru poster, as pointed out by Bardon earlier in this thread. Anyway, I can carry on ranting and lowering myself to the personal attacks that people "heroically" do behind the safety of their PC, but what's the point. I really had fun here, learned a lot and laughed a lot. Admired the top posters such as RB, Goldfinger, BlooLoo and many others (apologies for leaving anybody out...), but it is time to go, as the dry, sharp wit has been replaced by the foaming, personal attacks. Adios amigos.
  5. Maybe the meant the obvious signs of theft evident by the "disappearance of water coolers and pot plants"
  6. Oh YAAAWWWNNNN, not the old "you are saying things I do not want to hear, so you must be a troll" routine. see earlier reply about sharing experiences... I simply give you a picture, you can draw any conclusion you like. I have PBee, but sometimes it helps to also look at the property to get a sense of reality. Or are you one of those that buy without viewing?? Anyway, thank you for the bump and the part of your input that was not unnecessary derogatory...
  7. I apologise for the overreaction if that is the case. Well, what are you waiting for? Get back at him!!
  8. Good thing I am not a conveyancer. Confusing myself by getting the buyer/seller mixed up. You are right in spotting the error. So here goes: I have sold my property, buyer does not wish to move in immediately as she enjoys very cheap rent at the moment, asked me if I would be happy to rent back from her. Of course I said yes.
  9. Who took the jam out of your doughnut?? My post was not about suggesting that the crash is over, that the is no HPC, etc. etc. AWOOOGA, etc. My post was simply a reflection on my experiences today. Unlike you I have the capacity to share my experiences in a non-confrontational manner and let people make their own conclusions. You are so full of it, you conceited little sh1t!
  10. I feel the same. I simply told the EA that I will view the garden until the other family leaves.
  11. Please share your findings with me, because the reality check (30 to 40% off from '07) has not hit any of the areas in South Farnham yet. Average drop (granted, its asking price...) is 10%. I chose to ignore the comment questioning my integrity...
  12. To be brutally honest, the proceeds of my recent sale is burning a hole in my pocket... More to the point, I have looked at rental properties and found a couple who are acceptable (BTW, I am renting own property back from buyer at the mo.), but I had enough of moving. I want a home that I can still be in in 10 years time. Even long term rental agreements have get out clauses for the landlord (and tenant). Of course I am not going to pay a stupid price...I hope...
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