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  1. Hello people There was a lovely heartwarming 'article' in the E&E today about the first people to move in to Cranbrook, courtesy of their BTL landlord: E&E link
  2. Amusing article in yesterdays E&E: http://www.thisisexeter.co.uk/news/Estate-...il/article.html Hurry! Those 'temporary cuts in asking prices' won't last long...
  3. I walked down the High Street after the Christmas opening thing was all over, and it was filthy - rubbish everywhere. It's a strange mindset that people think fireworks and Christmas lights are nice, yet didn't apparently think the same about keeping their Hight Street clean. Kind of summed Exeter up for me.
  4. Hi This is an ex-rental, I believe: http://www.homesonview.co.uk/Scripts/ShowP...amp;ID=MEP01199 Originally listed earlier in the year by Bradley's at 185K; gradually reduced, then a month or so ago at 150K was shown as 'SSTC, but still viewing'. Now 130K.
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