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  1. Companies already regulated are fined. Unregulated firms will never become regulated and will cease to operate.
  2. If you had spent many years working for companies going through the approval process you would appreciate that these companies have failed and will be out of business shortly. It takes years to become regulated and its VERY difficult. Starting off by breaking the law is a suicidal, shows you are not a fit and proper person for a start.
  3. Up to 50 UK crypto companies to be shut down immediately on basic AML non compliance. https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2021/jun/03/cryptocurrency-dealers-face-closure-for-failing-uk-money-laundering-test
  4. He's got laser beam eyes, let's invest our life saving...
  5. People have a remarkable ability to create alternative reality to suit their needs. Keep posting on this thread so I don't forget that fact. Bojo has weaponised this weakness, I must find my own way.
  6. Nonsense in Crypto currencies? I'm shocked. BTC is a non starter for regulated entities including institutions.
  7. XRP gave us a presentation and although it's currently used for money transfers it's speed of transfer was pretty slow considering its supposed advantage.
  8. A example might be Vauxhall. Very few people work there, they will probably work in Westminster or The City so what median wage are they using? Vauxhall shop worker or City banker? As for housing the banker will possibly live in the 5k a month new build apartments and the shop worker the £600 month public housing.
  9. Most people I work with don't hate crypto, and accountants are the biggest fans of blockchain, for obvious reasons. Traders love the gambling aspect. The rest of us don't have an emotional view of crypto currency but make a investment judgement based on risk and volatility. If you love, hate or don't understand a investment you should avoid it. If you cannot accept the risk you should avoid it. I don't think most people have the faintest idea what risk is, never mind make a judgement of it. But avoiding something they don't understand is a very very good way of judging risk.
  10. A criminal can break the law and a bank cannot stop them? Banks will break the law on your behalf? Good luck with that. I work in a regulated entity, so unlike you, I know wtf I'm talking about.
  11. He was simply trading crypto and he lost, no scamming involved. Money laundering and tax avoidance is controlled all over the world. EU and US laws can be enforced world wide. It most certainly can be stopped.
  12. Gambling is not a new problem but that where regulation will come in. US is stato regulate crypto, China has banned it, UK and are blocking transfers to unregulated exchanges. This is where crypto will become acceptable as a investment.
  13. https://www.google.com/amp/s/insideevs.com/news/506153/skoda-enyaq-iv-bjorn-range/amp/ Except its better than the ID 4, which is itself better than the Model Y. Spouting shite again.
  14. We'll see. I don't think people will buy cars based on faked efficency numbers and false promises of self driving. Car companies understand that very well, as demonstrated by car adverts .
  15. Volkswagen Group Doubles Tesla’s Rolling 12-Month European EV Sales Data to be released this week will reveal that the Volkswagen Group hasn’t just overtakeb Tesla TSLA for the Number One slot in European battery electric vehicle (EV) sales, but has already streaked away But Tesla hasn’t just been swamped by the Volkswagen Group, even though the mainstream OEMs have struggled with chip shortages and Covid-19 lockdowns. The Renault/Nissan alliance, which was the long-time European EV leader before Tesla, rolled past the American company with 137,500 sales. Hyundai/Kia posted 112,800 sales and Stellantis claimed 105,700. While Stellantis has 14 brands, only four of them (Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Fiat) offer electric vehicles. So successful has the Volkswagen Group been so far this year that every fourth EV sold in Europe in 2021 has been one of theirs; either a Seat, a Skoda, a Volkswagen, an Audi or a Porsche. It owns 24.5% of Europe’s EV sales from January to April this year, followed by Stellantis (17.1%), Renault/Nissan (12.5%) and Tesla (11.9%), with Hyundai/Kia (11.7%) nipping at Tesla’s heels https://www.forbes.com/sites/michaeltaylor/2021/05/24/volkswagen-group-doubles-teslas-rolling-12-month-european-ev-sales/amp/?__twitter_impression=true
  16. I'd love to hear the real reason for the monumental ****** ups. Not that the government has specifically denied each claim. Just 'who do you believe, a bitter ex-assistant who the entire government defended during castlegate or a man who was sacked twice for lying?
  17. Decision-making and responsibility somewhat lacking in the government and their supporters.
  18. I've given up. If people will vote for someone to come round and literally kill them, why care about it.
  19. You can be sure that we have the most incompetent government in British history. No amount of imaginings will give you a Corbyn government.
  20. Meaningless based on two arbitrary date. Guess which is up 25% and which is only up 13% in the last 24 hours?
  21. Not sure if crypto currency is dead. BtC is pure speculation but ETH generates an income which makes it a valid asset at some level.
  22. Sorry 94% https://www.cazenovecapital.com/uk/financial-adviser/insights/strategy-and-economics/how-the-ftse-100-returned-94-without-moving/ I sold most of my eth at 6am. Down 50% from peak. Sold my miner too.
  23. Dividends are about 6%, although it was higher in the past. Compound that up over 20 years and you are looking at 200%.
  24. Brilliant news, more for countries who need it and cannot afford for profit vaccines.
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