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  1. Only? Public? unique? You better get into definitions if you want a statement like like that to be credible.
  2. They can decide that the UK is a bad faith actor and pull the entire deal. As macron said its all or nothing.
  3. Not a fan of blockchain are you? If the "something external" was another blockchain, say a currency - a real currency, and the other things were equally unbreakable such as identity then the system as a whole would be more secure, faster and cheaper than the alternative.
  4. That's correct. Block chain is also going to revolutionise share settlement, the costs and time impact of which are huge.
  5. What El Salvador does is irrelevant. Its not as if any country is setup to accept BTC. You cannot have a bank account for crypto. They can no more force BTC onto another country than demand they accept coke in payment. I think the idea is to treat cryptocurrencies the same as fiat, you deposit it and the banks spends most of it..
  6. Which companies do that? Not coinbasr certainly. Land registry is going onto blockchain, as are ...lots of things.
  7. The capital requirement for other assets is 8-10%. 15% is unviable for mortgages for instance. 100% is insane. https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/062515/what-minimum-capital-adequacy-ratio-must-be-attained-under-basel-iii.asp I'm sure they are doing great business, not so good for the customer is it. Besides that's not capital requirement for regulated entities. Its security for a loan from a pawnshop.
  8. That's good news for crypto. Currently regulated entity's won't touch cryptocurrencies with a barge pole.
  9. You just might be onto something there...🙂 Buy the key point about block chain is that it is unilaterally imposed everywhere, globally. It will save the finance industry hundreds of billions.
  10. That's all there is to it. The brightest minds in the world are put to trading using far more sophisticated maths that this...and they fail.
  11. It's true that South America has joke currencies that make crypto appealing. Argentina being a prime example. The government there uses the local currency to steal from the population.
  12. Or the day you got excited about 0.027% of the world's economy allowing Bitcoin to be used, just not as a replacement for the Dollar. Only if a seller is willing to accept it. So legal tender as much as a sack of potatoes is legal tender.
  13. Is that the day 20% of the world's economy banned Bitcoin?
  14. Ireland won't be leaving the EU and any implication by desperate Brexiteers that it may happen is just that - desperation.
  15. https://www.coindesk.com/el-salvador-residents-are-split-on-bitcoin-adoption-bill Isaac is also concerned about the crypto community’s enthusiasm surrounding Bukele and El Salvador. For instance, some crypto influencers and firms have been tweeting about moving to El Salvador, tagging luxurious villas and beaches, along with Bukele himself. “My objections to this is, why do all these crypto enthusiasts have so much hype for this guy? Aren’t crypto people against Big Government, big regulations, taxation? It seems that they don’t have a problem with a wannabe tyrant as long as he supports crypto,” Isaac said
  16. Indeed but they tried their best to prevent in the grove/cumming thrift of public funds case https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/09/covid-contract-for-firm-run-by-cummings-friends-was-unlawful-judge-rules Question are the thieves who gave our money away going to face jail time for this and the many far bigger crimes? we will see.
  17. It's not as if we can take our government to court or stop them robbing tax payers because they now control the courts. I don't know what other countries do and find it remarkable that you find theft on that scale ok because you think everyone is at it.
  18. So giving 500millon to two men in zero income compamy and no relevant experience with no competitive tending is perfectly OK because, maybe, just maybe some other government did it?
  19. Given that the government has stolen hundreds of billions to give to their mates since leaving the EU I'd say its a very accurate belief.
  20. And you wingnuts said China would never ban cryptocurrency Who said lightning would never happen?
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