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  1. Crypto bank run. https://www.google.com/amp/s/capital.com/amp/titan-and-iron-melt-in-crypto-version-of-a-bank-run
  2. You just admitted that you are talking utter bolox and you now get touchy when some laughs at you?
  3. I know you blocked me....but. Spouting bollix about charts will not get you respect. Chartism is not a science or a special knowledge, its a failed attempt to claim power over the past and the future. Its no more valid than dressing in a wizard costume and chanting magic spells. Start to finish, it's ******.
  4. No mortgage. Investing pension in shares, savings in shares. I get 2% on cash saving. But Eth interest is less than that last time I looked. Mining Eth again btw, miner in a data centre.
  5. Why do you continue to post crap like this? I'm far more involved with changing the status pro than you will ever be.
  6. Billions of people already don’t use banks for banking services. Bitcoin will have no effect on that.
  7. Read the second article, two billion mobile phone payment customers. The billion phone banking customers in India have bank accounts on their phones. That's half the world population who have mobile banking services. No need for Bitcoin.
  8. 1 billion users in Africa www.forbes.com/sites/ilonalimonta-volkova/2020/12/07/mobile-money-in-africa/amp/
  9. Bitcoin was a micropayment system, missed the boat on that. Third world skipped banks and used phones for banking. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_payments_in_India
  10. You explained nothing. I've been developing databases for over 30 years and know when someone is talking bollix about it. Block chain maybe an databse application but that does not mean blockchain is no more than database.
  11. Wow, it's back to 1995 before the Third world went mad for mobile phone micro payment systems.
  12. So it's like a credit card payment system. All it needs is El Salvadorians to spend a month's wages on a smartphone so they can spend a days wage on a cup of coffee.
  13. Only? Public? unique? You better get into definitions if you want a statement like like that to be credible.
  14. They can decide that the UK is a bad faith actor and pull the entire deal. As macron said its all or nothing.
  15. Not a fan of blockchain are you? If the "something external" was another blockchain, say a currency - a real currency, and the other things were equally unbreakable such as identity then the system as a whole would be more secure, faster and cheaper than the alternative.
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