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  1. The FCA also this weekend issued a consumer warning against both the Cayman Islands-registered Binance holdings company and Binance Markets Limited, a London-based affiliate that is controlled by chief executive Changpeng Zhao and is overseen by the UK regulator. “Binance Markets Limited is not permitted to undertake any regulated activity in the UK,” the FCA said, adding, “no other entity in the Binance Group holds any form of UK authorisation, registration or licence to conduct regulated activity in the UK.”
  2. The UK’s financial watchdog has ordered Binance to stop all regulated activities in Britain and imposed stringent requirements in a stinging rebuke of one of the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchanges. The intervention by the Financial Conduct Authority in recent days is one of the most significant moves any global regulator has made against Binance, a sprawling digital asset firm with subsidiaries around the world. The exchange has until Wednesday evening to confirm it has complied with the watchdog’s demands, and removed its advertising. The intervention is a sign of how regulators are cracking down on the cryptocurrency industry over concerns relating to its potential role in illicit activities such as money laundering and fraud, and over often weak consumer protection.
  3. Dumb, he could have used telephone banking like 65% of third world citizen already do. Bitcoin, it's like 2002 again.
  4. Why does Netherlands thinks it has the right to tell Hungary leave the EU? It has no more than Hungary has to impose its opinions.
  5. Regulators can stop any financial transaction it wants any time. If it wants to stop eToto accepting paypal transfer, they will comply. Paypal blocks a countries citizens using crypto.. no problem. Being regulated means permission to do a very explicit function, it's not a Global do what the fook you want.
  6. China had banned it and introduced CBDC. No threat where BTC doesn't exist.
  7. As a remainer I had a strong suspicion that it would go as it did. Doesn't affect that I was surrounded by EU citizens in professional jobs and you are clueless if you think that EU immigration was only about unskilled jobs. Hence the government commitment to protect the jobs of the unskilled and keep up immigration from the educated.
  8. He didn't design bitcoin. Look at Central Bank Digital Currency, almost the opposite of Bitcoin. It goes without saying that you are deluded ig you think that the world will give up control of its economies.
  9. Dunno what ccpv is, but masks make a massive reduction of risk of catching covid in a office. A difference of allowing 20mins occupation rather than 8hours with masks.
  10. We have similar turnouts in local elections, so by your reckoning we are fecked?
  11. Bitcoin is explicitly designed to be unsuitable as a currency. Its inherent.
  12. Crypto bank run. https://www.google.com/amp/s/capital.com/amp/titan-and-iron-melt-in-crypto-version-of-a-bank-run
  13. You just admitted that you are talking utter bolox and you now get touchy when some laughs at you?
  14. I know you blocked me....but. Spouting bollix about charts will not get you respect. Chartism is not a science or a special knowledge, its a failed attempt to claim power over the past and the future. Its no more valid than dressing in a wizard costume and chanting magic spells. Start to finish, it's ******.
  15. No mortgage. Investing pension in shares, savings in shares. I get 2% on cash saving. But Eth interest is less than that last time I looked. Mining Eth again btw, miner in a data centre.
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