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  1. 1 hour ago, Staffsknot said:

    That's the point when you need more a non-domestic production is a potential strategic red flag.

    If this is Peter Hun replying it is just more seen through one sides eyes and that side is Polish.

    France & Germany equally don't want to give IP to someone who will then try and undercut them and chase same sales.

    France & Germany are probably still happy so no idea what he's going on about. French and German kit still outperforms these pieces and they maintain their designs IP.

    All correct, the K2 needs more armour and the ammunition may not be as effective but thats where the industrial development comes in for the K3 and K2PL.

    Other countries in the region are interested in the K2PL because its light and low profile. 

    The point is Germany and France now have competition. Which is a feck up by them.

  2. 1 hour ago, shlomo said:

    This is a much higher probability than letting him get what he wants

    What he wants is the small living population of Western nation (after he's killed the rest) living on fish head and turnip soup, dressed if sack cloth. The Russian master race would have you as slaves.

    The only thing stopping this happening is his fear of destruction by NATOs conventional and nuclear arms.

    If he thinks you will not fight back, he will attack and kill you.

  3. 1 hour ago, Staffsknot said:

    Simply put S Korea can mass produce things if they need them and allows licence build developments that other countries won't because of IP.

    The K9 was a large chunk of the Krab system but they are reliant on AS90 parts to make it work. Multiple dependencies - the K9 order is not revealed if its just chassis ( so more Krab units) or complete system.

    Poland wants kit fast but also to be able to produce locally with supply from overseas to bring in scale. Going to a NATO partner in Europe is dumb as in crisis time everyone is chasing same product.

    Poland didn't want truck based artillery hulls so that was most European defence companies out. France doesn't want to give a licence to produce a tracked version to then compete for sales.

    Its not hard to understand - European companies want increased domestic production vs S Korea.

    S. Korean kit also integrates well with US kit for obvious reasons even though not NATO. Many are even interchangable parts with more advanced US designs


    German-French rejection of Poland and the start of the Korean negotiations was at the start of 2021. 

    It wasnt a war based production bottleneck, the lack of IP transfer was a very big factor and that is something the Koreans are good for, Turkey has a similar arrangement.

    What makes the Korean offering appealing is the full ip transfer and close industrial cooperation across all areas.

    This great for Korean getting two feet inside Europe and Poland getting their industrial base upgraded and a disaster for France and Germany over and above a $20bn defense deal.

  4. They will be able to get rid of the Russian aircraft very soon. Licence to produce the Rosomak expires in 2023. Leopards to retire in 2030.

    M1 tanks will defend Warsaw (due to their weight they are not good with river crossings). K2PL will be for the border and lake district (border with Lithuania) together with 1400 Polish designed Badger IFV which is aquatic.

    Bigger order for armoured vehicles in decades and Germany+France refused to deal with Poland. Lol.

  5. 1 hour ago, Staffsknot said:


    Ukraine is only one at the table and saying what they want as well you know.

    It would suit yhe US for there to be a cease fire and negotiations as its far easier to rearm and rebuild the Ukranian military when they aren't all needed at an active frontline.

    Thinking otherwise is daft. If they purely want a counter to Russia moving West they can do it by sending technical people and trainers actually into Ukraine and land plaeloads of supplies if the runways aren't going to crater while they are on the tarmac.

    Honestly use some logic

    Attempting to use logic in the face of Russian propaganda is a waste of time.


  6. 8 hours ago, rollover said:

    As you may have noticed, in reality Ukraine has no say.

    If US says jump - Ukraine will jump, if US says fight - Ukraine will fight, if US says negotiate - Ukraine will negotiate, if US says surrender - Ukraine will surrender.

    Don't you love how the USA controls the world.

    Why then, can't they tell Russia to surrender? Immune to the Yankee voodoo? 

  7. 11 hours ago, shlomo said:

    I also wondered about this, I am sure the K9 originally had overheating problems 

    Perhaps the Poles see the Russian as enemies and the French and Germans as competitors 

    Apparently far more complex. More than two different version's other k9/krab developed over the next decade. Also alternative Korean IFVs/apc as the Rosomark licence expires in 2023.

  8. 2 hours ago, shlomo said:

    The Polish government is reportedly discussing with the Korean defense companies the acquisition of K-2 tanks from Hyundai Rotem, FA50 light attack aircraft from KAI, and K9 self-propelled artillery from Hanwha under a long-term arrangement.

    The three companies’ export volume could reach up to 19 trillion Korean won ($14.5 billion) when all of those sales are added up. Specifically, Hyundai Rotem is talking with Poland to supply 180 K2 tanks (worth 3 trillion KRW, or $2.3 billion) by 2024, and the country may additionally purchase 400 K2 tanks by 2030, worth 8 trillion KRW, or $6.1 billion. KAI is discussing selling 48 light attack aircraft FA50 for 3.4 trillion KRW, or $2.6 billion. Poland also plans to purchase 670 K9 self-propelled artilleries that worth 4-5 trillion KRW, or $3 billion to $3.8 billion.


    Much confusion on why they are buying the K9 when they spent a decade developing a better version in the Krab.

    Could be this is part of the industrial pact offered by S.Korea to Poland in an attempt to take on France/Germany.. in all industrial spheres.

  9. 9 hours ago, Staffsknot said:

    No they can't they will endanger families back home / possibly be shot or jailed on return


    That's point blank wrong.

    As there is no war, there is absolutely nothing the Russian government can do if a contractor quits when back in Russia. 

    You think you would know that... oh wait you block anyone who gives you information you don't want to hear or doesn't fit in with you view point.

  10. 20 minutes ago, rollover said:

    I see where are you coming from but I’m sorry I disagree with you about this.

    You certainly have a right to your one sided opinions, but you sound deranged to dismiss everything and everyone with different opinion than your own.

    Don't pretend you know everything as you don't know, you are just looking like a whangdoodle when you are doing so.

    Orban is more knowledgeable and informed about the situation and you should listen carefully what he says.

    It's not deranged to dissmiss a view that is ********.


  11. 9 hours ago, MarkG said:

    Russia's cruise missile stockpiles are larger now than they were in February. If HIMARS was really the Wunderwaffe that it's made out to be by Western propaganda, those missiles would be blowing up all over Kiev instead of sitting in warehouses in Russia.

    It's truly embarrassing to see how many people fall for the Wunderwaffen fantasy when those people laugh at Hitler believing that his new secret weapon was somehow going to bring a Nazi victory in 1945.

    Russia has so many missiles they are not using them? Right...

    We are so "embarrassed".

    Meanwhile Russia are preparing their hypersonic missiles, stockpile of 40 at $10m a piece, to destroy land targets, such as chicken coops and apartment blocks.

  12. 10 hours ago, slawek said:

    The main problem is Ukrainians don't have enough HIMARs. 

    It looks like the US doesn't want Ukrainians to counterattack as that would mostly likely trigger a full scale war. So far Russia has not been using its all power. The US prefers that way, a long, lower intensity conflict to bleed Russia.

    They do not need more Himars/MLRS as much as more missiles.

    The proponents of mass Himars are thinking along the lines of Russian MLRS which blanket three football fields from 20km at a cost of $10k.  I.e they attack the troops and blast a way through.

    Himars six rocket set cost $1million and each takes out a single target worth far more. So they are used to systematically destroy the enemies ability to fight.

    The Ukrainians now have Khersons supply lines under control and will destroy everything within that area at their leisure, the 28 Himars/MLRS to be delivered is more than enough for that task.


  13. 1 hour ago, rollover said:

    What a coincidence, US is sending replacement ...

    U.S. to send four more HIMARS to Ukraine

    The United States will send four more high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS) to Ukraine.


    16 Himars and 12 M270 MLRS will be in country soon.

    Show fuzzy videos of claimed victories all you like, the proof is in the eating.

    Russia could be weeks away from a "goodwill gesture" of retreating from Kherson. 

    On foot.

  14. 4 hours ago, rollover said:

    Moscow has denied carrying out any attack on the Ukrainian port of Odessa, the Turkish defence minister said.

    But who are the real warmongering barbarians you are talking about?



    Lying barbarians invading another country and you expect us to to belive them?

    You know, if you knew anything about Russia, which you don't, having never set foot in the place and and are entirely informed via Internet rumour, you would know that Russians are entirety and utterly untrustworthy, corrupt as S*** and utterly crap in every metric.

    Yet you keep posting Russian propaganda.




    The adviser to the head of the Office of the President, Oleksiy Arestovych, confirmed the encirclement of a group of Russian troops in the  Kherson region in the Visokopil area.

    He said this during a live broadcast with Mark Fagin.

    "We partially took Holgyna and almost completely Potemkine. These are two settlements to the right and left of Visokopil. There, in fact, is a repetition of Ilovaisk for the Russian troops, because there are approximately more than a thousand soldiers with weapons and military equipment. They are in a tactical environment, yesterday was their attempt to break through from there was stopped by our fire, they turned back and are 3/4 surrounded with fire control of the only exit," Arestovich says.



    Rumours and denials have been swirling around.  Russias want to build a pontoon bridge.

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