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  1. People will be desperate to send money to a dodgy website, i'm sure.
  2. I idea that the West can or should accommodate Putin is laughable. Russia is hell bent on a holy war against the West and it is convinced is trying to suppress Russia.
  3. Nissan are given several competitive advantages in the UK, so yes
  4. I'm indirectly invested in this via Cornish Metal. They will also extract lithium from the brine. The geothermal energy is trivial, 10MW.
  5. Your choice of imagary was poor. Its a variation of a chimpanzee wearing a suit , that racists like attach names to. It's racist.
  6. Binance lost card payments https://www.ft.com/content/2d427ed7-f9e4-46cf-a4c4-46429b19df5d
  7. Bypass Uk’s ban by moving to the EU. Make 6 figure crypto profits first. Brilliant.
  8. Alternatively use a exchange that isn’t banned. That’s what 99% of customers will do. FCA can stop binance using SEPA to deal with Uk customers, of course.
  9. Oh I get it. Shut up you www.urbandictionary.com/define.php%3fterm=uppity%2bnegro&amp=true
  10. What's your point?, you are a racist Trump supporter with half a brain who likes to post pictures of Frogs??
  11. June 28, 2021 6:34 pm by Adam Samson Binance customers have lost the ability to withdraw and deposit pounds using one of the main UK payments systems three days after the country’s financial watchdog banned the crypto exchange from operating in Britain. On Monday the digital asset company said on its main exchange, Binance.com, that the ability to remove sterling from the platform through a system known as Faster Payments had been “suspended for maintenance”. Binance did not say how long the outage would last and declined to immediately comment on the notice. Faster Payments, a service used by major banks to process payments quickly, is one of the key channels for moving traditional currencies to and from the exchange. While Binance’s website says customers can still move money using bank cards, the lack of access to Faster Payments represents a significant curb on UK clients’ abilities to pull money from the exchange directly into their bank accounts. Several people messaged Binance on Twitter on Monday to enquire about the Faster Payments suspension.
  12. In you have more than £1000 in cash when crossing the UK border into can be confiscated as proceeds of crime at the UK border. The border guards will check you back ground and conclude your are money laundering. It shows up on x-ray, btw, as I found out.
  13. Did you open them after we left the EU and with no connection to the country or EU?
  14. So you really think they cannot stop you transferring between fiat and crypto when every single electronic transaction is under their control?
  15. Yo ppen a bank account in the US, a non citizen needs a visa, SSN and residential address. To open a bank account in the EU you need to live in the EU
  16. How would you qualify for a US and EU bank account? Are you resident?
  17. FCA can do everything, they control every financial institution and can make an announcement on any day of the week. Your weak point is you need a bank account. Without that you and the dodgy websites are fooked .
  18. It will be regulated but will still exist. The dodgy websites will be regulated out of existence.
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