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  1. 10 hours ago, markyh said:

    Tesla sell every car that rolls out their factories that they can make.  Picture will change when Berlin opens to supply Europe.  Tesla has a production limitations, not a sales or demand limitations. Globally Tesla still out sell everyone. 

    also we know well the true picture wont be known for Q2 until july because Telsa wont ship to Europe until end of quarter, June.  In Feb Tesla was losing the European BEV sales race, in March it won it, and the whole quarter too. 

    2021 is still VW's only chance to claim Global no.1 BEV maker, if they are lucky. 

    The reason they wont win is "me". I'm a prime VW ID4 customer, but, dont want it, slow, old tech, and Telsa money spec matched. Sure you can get it cheaper than a Tesla Model y if you want to buy a poverty spec base model. 

    We want a Tesla Model Y, and will happily sit out the poor VW/ FORD / PSA competition and waitr another 1-2 years to buy the best. 

    We'll see.

    I don't think people will buy cars based on faked efficency numbers and false promises of self driving.

    Car companies understand that very well, as  demonstrated by car adverts .

  2. Volkswagen Group Doubles Tesla’s Rolling 12-Month European EV Sales

    Data to be released this week will reveal that the Volkswagen Group hasn’t just overtakeb Tesla TSLA for the Number One slot in European battery electric vehicle (EV) sales, but has already streaked away




    But Tesla hasn’t just been swamped by the Volkswagen Group, even though the mainstream OEMs have struggled with chip shortages and Covid-19 lockdowns.

    The Renault/Nissan alliance, which was the long-time European EV leader before Tesla, rolled past the American company with 137,500 sales.

    Hyundai/Kia posted 112,800 sales and Stellantis claimed 105,700. While Stellantis has 14 brands, only four of them (Peugeot, Citroen, DS and Fiat) offer electric vehicles.

    So successful has the Volkswagen Group been so far this year that every fourth EV sold in Europe in 2021 has been one of theirs; either a Seat, a Skoda, a Volkswagen, an Audi or a Porsche.

    It owns 24.5% of Europe’s EV sales from January to April this year, followed by Stellantis (17.1%), Renault/Nissan (12.5%) and Tesla (11.9%), with Hyundai/Kia (11.7%) nipping at Tesla’s heels


  3. 1 hour ago, byron78 said:

    Without resorting to crap Corbyn whataboutry?

    It hasn't happened. Although we've (Tory) always been good at stabbing each other in the back and putting party politics before country. It just didn't used to happen every other week.

    What I've found most remarkable, is how popular this government remains. Most of them should be in the stocks by now. 

    As an oldie, I have to say the power of being able to push targeted propaganda to people (without most even realising it) seems to be paying dividends. Not for any of you lot of course. 

    I've given up. If people will vote for someone to come round and literally kill them, why care about it.


  4. 1 hour ago, RentingForever said:

    Quite possibly a Corbyn government would have done.

    Telling quote for me was the one about any system that offers up Johnson and Corbyn as the only choices for leader is a fundamentally broken system.

    You can be sure that we have the most incompetent government in British history.

    No amount of imaginings will give you a Corbyn government.

  5. 6 hours ago, kzb said:

    The Guardian what do you expect?  I'll have to look into the situation pre-1973, but when we joined the EU that introduced tariff free competition.  EU suppliers then steadily replaced UK suppliers.  As I said, my money would be on the Irish losing out a bit.


    That's pathetic, I also posted the Daily Telegraph article that made the point even more forcibly.

    When we joined the EU the UK was the sick man of Europe, glad you are looking forward to reliving those days. For me it looked like a disaster, we will find out in ten years after Brexiteer put off the consequences until after they are dead.

  6. 53 minutes ago, yelims said:

    In other news AZ getting desperate that no one wants their Brexit vaccine https://www.politico.eu/article/astrazeneca-pascal-soriot-uk-priority-access-coronavirus-vaccine/

    AstraZeneca chief admits UK got ‘priority’ access to coronavirus vaccine

    Pascal Soriot defends vaccine against criticism and setbacks, saying that it ‘has a future.’

    Of course it does, you can have your expensive vaccines and the Rest of the World will buy the free AZN vaccine.

    You don't need charity do you?

  7. 42 minutes ago, yelims said:

    AstraZeneca CEO Pascal Soriot made the argument that the U.K. had better vaccine supply because the U.K. signed an agreement for vaccines months earlier than the EU. Formally, this isn’t true: The U.K. contract was signed on August 28, while the EU’s was signed a day earlier on August 27. 


    the Tories and their rabid media lied?! Who could have imagined 

    They bought the factory months before. A contract doesn't make vaccines.

  8. 27 minutes ago, skinnylattej said:

    You can eat well in America, there are first rate restaurants and excellent farmer's markets.  In the major cities the choice of component food is amazing.  Some of the imported food is very expensive, and a few items that are common in UK are very hard to obtain.

    To me it appeared that the American population is bimodal, one group health conscious, eat well, generally professional, and a larger group that do not look after themselves so well, and are of the lower socio-economic category.

    The quality of some of the fast food in the malls is appalling.

    Fact is that the poorest British are healthier than the richest Americans at age 50. Adulterated food has got a lot to do with it. You cannot test it usually. 

    Decades ago we had hundreds of chemicals in food that are banned now due to the EU and labelling.well be getting that shit back thanks to the US deal.

  9. 4 hours ago, kzb said:

    OK but what is Nick Clegg feeding his kids in the USA?

    They weren't exterminated pre-1973.  Since then many of them have had difficult times, in the EU.

    That's a myth.  This is a bilateral deal.   Also, that would mean we must have the same terms as the EU deal with everyone.

    If you read the guardian and DT articles you would see that that is the likely outcome. The UK had trade barriers and capital controls pre 1973. You are thinking of 1773.

    One of the reasons I won't be travelling to the USA is the lousy food, but eating that crap for a week as an adult is nothing compared to feeding it to children for their entire life. The end result us plain to see, Americans are dying young and in poor health.

  10. 8 hours ago, kzb said:

    When you travel outside the EU, what do you and your children eat?

    At present things are still being discussed so they have to keep quiet.  It's highly likely that meat imports to the UK will continue to be hormone-free when the dust has settled.  The Oz farmers raising the 60% of cattle hormone-free won't want the deal scuppered because of this.

    My children never travel outside the EU, what would be the point.

    Apparently the deal with Australia will be tartif and quota free. Uk beef and sheep farmers will be exterminated.

    Also the same terms will have to be applied to other countries industries, so bang goes Steel and God knows what else.


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