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  1. Igor Strelkov, the Russian officer who ran the 2014 invasion. He's a savage critic of Putin, preferes a full on invasion. His assessments are more realistic than any other Russian source - >>1. Opponent. - Over the past month, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have been continuously increasing the number of troops and military equipment in all directions - both "active" and "sleeping", creating a steady superiority in manpower, artillery and armored vehicles in many of them. At the same time, the enemy continued to form strategic reserves, limiting their entry into battle even at the height of the battle for Severodonetsk-Lysichansk. - As a new element of the tactics of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, special attention is noted to the destruction by rocket artillery and unmanned aircraft of important rear facilities of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the Armed Forces of the LDNR, primarily large ammunition depots that were not covered or weakly covered by air defense forces. - Local superiority in manpower allowed the enemy in many areas to occupy previously abandoned territories without a fight, complicating the tactical position of our units and subunits operating in these areas. - Apparently, the emphatically defensive nature of the battle for Severodonetsk-Lysichansk on the part of the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was deliberate. The battles were only dragged out with the aim of gaining as much time as possible and inflicting maximum losses on the Russian strike force. After the loss of the main positions was a foregone conclusion, the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to withdraw the core of its defending troops, avoiding the encirclement of even a small part of them - both in Severodonetsk and in the area of Lysichansk and Zolote-Gorskoe. At the same time, however, most of the defenders' equipment was irretrievably lost. Conclusion: The Armed Forces of Ukraine are completing preparations for their own active operations in one or more directions. Whether the enemy will first wait for a new attack by the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or will take his actions in a proactive manner - I will not undertake to predict.<< https://t.me/strelkovii/2864
  2. No chance. Russia won't attack a nuclear armed state, you do have nukes so you can get nuked yourself. How stupid would that be?
  3. Two elections afterwards rather negate that. The government collapsed after bringing Russian snipers into Ukraine who murdered 100 unarmed civilians.
  4. Russia formally agree that all the former occupied states could join NATO in the 1991 NATO Founding Agreement. Why do people keep repeating Russian revionist propaganda?
  5. Owwooo, init, init. Russia looking for an excuse the invasion of tjhe Baltic, Iinit
  6. It's standard Russian propaganda to spread huge amounts of random "alternatives" with the hope of swamping the truth (Russia did it). Engagement with these propagandist adds credence to their lies by repeating their bullsheet.
  7. Russia views people as resources, to be farmed and consumed. Bad stock are replaced with good stock. Anglo-Saxons, for instance, are a bad breed that can be exterminated.
  8. That will be useful for shooting down drones flying at 50m and 100km/hr Ah yes, the no analogue, best in the world, Russian wonderwaffe
  9. Russia was completely outside the western supply chain until quite recently. Putting it in has now been acknowledged as a mistake and its been rectified.
  10. Her list of pro-Russian activities are remarkable, she's under threat of suspension from the EU parliament.
  11. Ukraine can surrender any time it wants. It's soldiers could stop fighting. But they don't.
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