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  1. Thats a point blank, they deliver 3 months cars in one month to game the sales chsrts just as they game the EPA range.
  2. Yes they are fake. Tesla sold 30k cars in the quarter, VW sold 60% more. Tesla incresed sales by over 40% from last year, VW by over 50%. So Tesla is losing market share to VW who will be releasing even more models. Where is the news headlines about Tesla's fall in car sales in 2020 against VW 100% rise in sales for that year? Tesla is selling 10k cars per month, so announcing that 24k were sold in September is very deceptive without mention the previous two months were 3k and the following two months will be 3k. >>As I typed this the share price has shot past $1,000, up 12% on the day, i.e. more than the combined value of Ford and GM. Thats 30 times the total value of the Hertz deal. I look forward Tesla selling 200million, $75k starting price cars a year into the 100 million annual car market. Not likely as they don't have the manufacturering plans in place to do so. Cancelled China expansion remember. >>After around 6 months with an id3 my wife has decided to swop it for a Tesla model Y, the car was ok but charging is just too much hassle So she found out she could afford to spend 60k on a car not 30k after all? Funny you and Marky chuck 60k on Teslas, the only common trait is you ankle deep in Tesla shares.
  3. Thats academic, we are talking about the UK, dying quicker than being born and immigration entire under the governments control.
  4. A degree and a couple years experience. You have to have a certain mindset, maths maybe.
  5. Wolfberg is making 1200 ID3 per day. Thats just one variant of one model. Seats version my out sell it and then there is Skoda.
  6. Tesla have spare capacity in China to ship to Europe. Im not sure what their real sales figures were, we will find out year end. In the only market where VW were competing they were outsell tesla 2:1 ytd.
  7. As an example, IT wages are going balistic. Java programmer, £250k package. Was less than 100k last year
  8. The uk birthrate had collapsed and deaths will increase so where will this population increase come from?
  9. Because the 1% level was called an emergency rate due to the 2008 crash and it wasn't considered to be a long term rate. Historical rares are about 4.5% over the past couple of hundred years. The main purpose is to control inflation. Low interest rates cause all sorts of problems but inflation makes workers poorer so they go on strike to get higher pay. Well they used to before unions were eradicated. The result in America is 20 years of stagnation in income for average households and social unrest. In the uk weve had Brexit as a symtom of unhappiness with the status quo of stagnation in income and low intetest drive rocketing housr prices.
  10. In Europe VW is destroying Tesla. We will have to wait until a full year is in to be sure because of the profusion of fake sales figures from Tesla fanboys. They love to quote single month numbers when Tesla sell literally nothing for two months and then ship everything in quarter end. Further confusion China where production figures are quoted without making clear that these care are then sold and shipped to europe.
  11. Yes, older people tend to die more often than younger people. 250k more per year will die for the next 18 years.
  12. Thr population of homeowners is going to fall by 250k per year as the baby boomers die and sell up. The birth rate is at its lowest every and below sustainment level, the governmentnow has comple controlof immigration so that sorce of growth should shrink.
  13. It was noted that the idle liar never got to yhe office before 1pm and only stayed for two hours. He has a principle of bever doing anything unless its being watched by the public.
  14. Killed more Britons than Hitler. Dumped more debt on Britain than any other prime minister. Racked up taxation higher than ever. Yes he should take a vety long holiday, from the UK. Not from his job as Prime Minister, because Bojo doesn't work. He's a lazy barsteward.
  15. The unvaccinated care home residents tend to be dead.
  16. Well yes, it's an excellent demonstration of Bitcoins flaws.
  17. Russia a nuclear armed, terrorist, mafia state that week ran expertises to prepare for a nuclear attack on Poland. Not for the first time. A couple of years ago they threatened to nuke Denmark. They have more in common with Daesh than a country.
  18. Why would anyone want to be connected to that dysfunctional millstone? It's not xenophobic to want nothing to do with a useless country with no future.
  19. That currently doesn't exist but will magically appear to solve the problems caused by idiots.
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